Next gen FCEV SUV Electric car is our future world

Next gen FCEV SUV

The South Korean Auto Maker Hyundai has revealed the Next gen FCEV SUV car in new design language and highly improved Engine specifications. It is all set for production body as the new variant follows the footsteps of the FE Fuel Cell Concept showcased at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March. It was first showcased in the brand’s home capital Seoul.

Next gen FCEV SUV

The ignition of the car in the Cold environment is rectified by made changes in the Hydrogen Tank and told that batteries will last long for more than 10- years and 1.6- lakh KM.

Next gen FCEV SUV specifications:

The astonishing thing about the car is not just its exterior attraction but also its Driving range.

Next gen FCEV SUV

  • The South Korean Auto Maker claims that the Next Generation FCEV will be capable of achieving 580 km range (360 miles) on a single tank.
  • The company didn’t reveal its specification but it is expected that its electric motor can deliver the Max Power of 161hp(121kw) and churns the Peak Torque around 400 Nm.
  • It got the major improvements over the unit in the Tucson FCEV in storage, performance, durability, and efficiency.
  • After the changes made in component optimisation, improved performance and hydrogen utilization rate of the fuel cell efficiency of the car is increased by 60%.

The company is planning to launch 10- hybrid, 8- electric and 11- plug-in hybrids.

Next gen FCEV SUV

So, guys what do you think about the Hyundai Next gen FCEV SUV variant will it made everyone happy with its features and become our future car, tell us your views in the comment box if you are willing to buy it and don’t forget to tell us the car & bike about which you want to get more information and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.

Next gen FCEV SUV

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