Top 10 most probable next Marvel villains after Thanos

next villian after thanos

Thanos has already wiped half of the universe most of our superheroes are dead and the fate of rest of them is yet to be decided. So, is there any point of thinking beyond Thanos? Of course, there is as we know that Thanos has been the main villain of MCU for almost a decade now and it is highly unlikely that the makers will still continue with him after the Avengers 4 movie. Thus there’s a lot of curiosity among all the Marvel fans about the probable next Marvel Villains after Thanos in Marvel’s phase 4. So, here we have decided to make a list of Top 10 Villains After Thanos that you guys would love to see in Marvel’s new phases.

Next Marvel Villains after Thanos

1) Ultron

Next Avengers villains after Thanos

Age of Ultron is still regarded as one of the best movies by Marvel. Though it did not showcase his actual powers that have earned him the name among the most powerful villains of Marvel comics. But many of you will argue that this character has been already killed in Age of Ultron. Yeah,  I agree with that but what if he had transported his consciousness to some other body? We have seen him doing so in many instances and makers can use the similar theory to bring this character back to the life.

We saw how he possed a serious threat to entire mankind in the film and if he returns he will be stronger than his previous versions and it will be not that easy for our Avengers to defeat this AI based villain.

2) Skrulls

Next Avengers villains after Thanos

The makers themselves have confirmed at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that the Skrulls are going to be the prime villains in the upcoming debut movie of Captain Marvel. They are quite similar to what we have seen of Sentinels in the ‘X-man Days of Future-Past’. Skrulls are a race of humanoids who have the shape-shifting and power mimicking abilities and they can copy the powers of almost every superhero. This is what makes such a big threat to the humanity and the entire planet earth.

Makers have also hinted that there may be some already existing Skrulls in the MCU which will get revealed in the upcoming movies.

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3) Galactus

Next Avengers villains after Thanos

Those who have watched the Fantastic four movies are already aware of Galactus and his powers. This guy has been given the title of the most powerful villain by many Marvel fans and Thanos without his infinity gauntlet is just nothing in front of him. This moon-sized giant feeds on planets and he could destroy the earth even without snapping his fingers. So, he will be the perfect guy to fill the void of a supervillain after Thanos gets defeated by the Avengers.

Galactus is primarily a Fantastic Four villain who’s rights were previously occupied by the Twentieth Century Fox but as the Disney bought Fox for $71.3 billion, now Marvel has all the rights on their characters. Once introduced in the MCU this guy is surely going to be a bigger threat then what our Avengers are facing right now.

4) Kang the Conqueror

Next Avengers villains after Thanos

Kang is originally from the 30th century, a much more technologically advanced era. He desired to conquer all the older civilizations when he came to know about his ancestor’s world. He comes to the present earth with the help of time travel and defeated all the mightiest beings of the earth with so much ease. Kang has no superpowers or superhuman strengths but being from the future he is a master of advanced technology.

After the defeat of Thanos at the end of phase 3 of Marvel fans would definitely like to see someone like Kang as it will allow us to have a glimpse of future and how our Avengers are doing in that world.

5) Dormammu

Next Avengers villains after Thanos

I bet most you have still not forgotten the scary look of Dormammu in the Debut solo movie of Doctor Strange. So, if Galactus is moon seized than Dormammu is a whole Universe. According to the Wong, “He is the Cosmic Conqueror, the ruler of dark dimension and the Destroyer of Worlds. A being of infinite power and endless hunger, on a quest to invade every universe and bring all worlds into his Dark Dimension”

Many Marvel fans argue that Dormammu’s appearance in Doctor Strange was similar to the many small appearances that we saw of Thanos before an Infinity War and we could see more of him in the Doctor Strange’s sequel or possibly he would be the leading villain in the entire phase 4 of Marvel.

6) Doctor Doom

Next Avengers villains after Thanos

Most percentages of Marvel fans are betting for Doctor Doom’s as the next big MCU villain. He is already one of the most powerful characters in the comics and has defeated even Thanos on many occasions. Doom is just an ordinary being like others but it his hi-tech weapons that makes him so, feared villain. He is far more superior in terms of technology as compared to Iron Marn or Shuri.

Just like Galactus, Doom is also primarily a Fantastic Four Villain. Now as the Marvel has full rights of this character it is hard to deny that Dr. Doom is very soon going to be the next big thing MCU.

7) The Beyonder

Next Avengers villains after Thanos

Beyonder has not ever appeared in the MCU nor there was any reference of his existence in the films but we have still put him in the list of next Avengers villains just because this guy is a fan favorite villain and only those who keenly follow the Marvel Comics are aware of what this guy can do to the Avengers and the entire earth.

As his name, The Beyonder is beyond life and death. Once in a comic episode, he revealed that the whole universe is a part of him. And if this guy enters the MCU as the next villain after Thanos it would be pretty interesting to see how our superheroes will tackle him.

8) Enchantress

Next Marvel villains after Thanos

She is an Asgardian goddess and enemy of Thor. In order to defeat him, she allied herself with Loki, Mandarin, and Doctor Doom. Being trained by one of the greatest sorcerers of in Asgardian Dimension, Enchantress is also a very skilled sorcerer apart from having the powers of an Asgardian Goddess. But the biggest weapon of her skill set is her beauty, she seduced many powerful characters of Marvel comics in assisting her to fulfill her evil desires.

Though her powers are not enough to defeat Avengers but If she allies with the other powerful enemies of the earth then this alliance would be tough to beat.


Next Marvel villains after Thanos

MODOK is an acronym for (Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing). They are a group of some most powerful villains who have been constantly indulged in the battles with almost all of the primary Avengers Characters.

The makers of Avengers Infinity War have revealed in an interview that they were so keen to bring MODOK in the film they found it hard to place on them in an already stuffed movie. But this clearly means that sooner or later but we are definitely going to see MODOK has the next bad guy of Marvel.

10) Red Skull

Next Marvel villains after Thanos

Red Skull was the primary villain in the debut solo movie of Captain America. Though he got defeated in the film and we thought that Red Skull’s story is over in MCU but then all of us were so shocked to see him again in the Infinity War and that too as an ally of Thanos.

But was he brought back from the dead just for a cameo? Certainly not, the makers must have some plans for this guy that is either going to be revealed in the untitled Avengers-4 or in the 4th Phase of MCU.

So, guys, this was our list of Top 10 most probable next Marvel villains after Thanos. I hope you guys liked our post. Do let us know what you think in the comments below! Also, let us know if we missed anyone who you guys want to get placed in this list? We will surely try to add him/her in the next update.

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