Oneplus 3 production ended, it’s time for Oneplus 4???

Oneplus 3, Android N

They’ve been Rumors all around that Oneplus stopped making Oneplus 3 due to the shortage of AMOLED Panels, there is a news stating that a new oneplus device is in the works …. but isn’t it too early for a Oneplus 4? Yes, it is. A Oneplus official confirms that they will still make Oneplus 3. So, is the Amoled Screen issue is sorted out or what?

Oneplus 3

Carl pie answered this question stating that Amoled>LCD. what does that mean??? Is Oneplus 3 will now ship with an LCD panel…Maybe! but is that it.

LeEco Le Max 2 VS OnePlus 3 Quick Comparison.

There are also rumors that Oneplus will upgrade the Snapdragon 820 in Oneplus 3 with the 10% faster Snapdragon 821. What will they call it a Oneplus 4, Oneplus 3S or Oneplus 3 Plus, that’s a mystery to solve.

But here’s a tweet from @OneplusIndia

“What do you think OnePlus is up to? All shall be revealed soon” with some of the options included for Twitter users to choose from including new smartphone color variant, new product unveiling, new shopping experience, or new software experience. We expect that OnePlus may be gearing for all the above-listed options and may showcase a new smartphone with a new color option, updated software, and new purchasing options.

We don’t know the exact date of launch but, If they launch a new phone it will be Daydream compatible…that would make users buy Oneplus 3 over the iPhone launched by Google.

There are some reports that Oneplus is making a new 6-inch device with Snapdragon 821, and if they go for a larger screen they also have a room for a larger battery.

there are so many rumors, So let’s just wait and see what happens and, keep checking LikelyFad to get the latest updates on this topics. What do you think about the move Oneplus is willing to make, Does the display type matters to you? tell us in the comments below.

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