Oneplus 5 Announced…Sort of: Everything You Need To Know

Oneplus 5

After the huge success of Oneplus 3T, people are keeping an eye on OnePlus for their next Flagship Killer, aka Oneplus 5. After the flagships of the year are released like Galaxy S8, LG G6, Xiaomi Mi6, Now its great time for Oneplus to unveil their Flagship killer. According to

According to leaks, Oneplus is set to unveil Oneplus 5 sometime in June 2017. But as expected, Specs and pictures are here, so we can make a guess that how will the smartphone look like and what will power the next Flagship Killer. So let’s get started.

Let’s start with a fresh leak, that is supposed to be the About Screen of the upcoming OnePlus 5

NOTE: These screens can be faked Easily, keep that in mind.

Oneplus 5

So, According to this Screenshot, OnePlus 5 is supposed to have 8GB RAM which is practically impossible till now. Also, We saw various other leaks that mentioned Mi6 will have 8GB RAM, but it’s not true….So, we have to confirm that Fact.

So, Now the next leak seem legit, and Pretty Clear as OppoMart a Chinese Retail Store, Listed OnePlus 5 on their website. Check out the image.

Oneplus 5

This picture gives us almost all the information we want, the Specs, Price, and Release Date. Oneplus 5 will rock the Flagship Specs of 2017, Following the trend of Dual Cameras. The Specs the definitely the best available, Take a look.

Oneplus 5 Specs

  • 5.5-inch Quad HD Display
  • 2.45GHz Snapdragon 835 Processor
  • 6GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64/128GB Internal Storage, USF 2.1
  • 12MP Dual Rear Camera
  • 8MP Front Camera
  • 3,600mAh Battery, Dash Charge 2.0
  • Front Fingerprint Sensor
  • OxygenOS, Android N

So, these are the specs listed on the website, we have some question here though, which can make us hard to believe these specs, like

  • QHD Display Oneplus gives the best display possible at a low price and QHD display costs a lot more resulting in high price. So, can’t trust that.
  • 8MP Front Camera, Oneplus 3T Supports 16MP Front Camera, So why will Oneplus put a camera which is not better than the previous one. I can be wrong on this but maybe OnePlus puts a better sensor on the front.

So, what about the price and Release?

Oneplus 5 Expected Price and Release

OnePlus 5
According to Oppomart, Oneplus 5 will be Priced at 449$(~29,000), Which is less than Oneplus 3T in India, but Oneplus 3T is Priced at 439$ outside India, So we can expect that pricing.

But in India, It will cost around 32,000Rs to 35,000Rs maybe.

About the release, Oneplus 5 is rumored to arrive in Begining of June.

These were the Rumors about OnePlus 5 currently available on the internet, we will update you as soon we get another info. Till then make sure you keep checking LikelyFad!

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