OnePlus 5 Leaked: The journey Begins!

OnePlus 5, Oneplus 3T

After the huge success of Oneplus 3T, people are keeping an eye on OnePlus for their next Flagship Killer, aka Oneplus 5. After the flagships of the year are released like Galaxy S8, LG G6, Xiaomi Mi6, Now its great time for Oneplus to unveil their Flagship killer.

So, Finally we have our first leak here, The leak is purposed by India Today Network which shows us the back of the device, take a look

OnePlus 5

According to this, Oneplus 5 will be equipped with Dual Cameras, also there are no antenna lines on the back of the smartphone, therefore the design looks cleaner.

According to the Image here, it looks like, OnePlus ditched laser autofocus again this time, and maybe OIS, Who knows. To know more we have to wait.

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