UPDATED: Oneplus 5T Leaks: Everything you need to know

Oneplus 5T


Oneplus 5T surfaced on GFX Bench confirming some of the previous leaks and giving out some new details. Check out the Image below.

So, as you can see its written over there that front camera is of 19MP. The Oneplus 5 had a 16MP sensor at the front and that is pretty amazing, and now if they are upgrading the front camera, maybe if they can add the bokeh mode using the Oneplus 5T leaksfront camera like the Pixel 2 that would be great.

Also, now Oneplus is also starting to tease the upcoming product after all those leaks. Oneplus tweeted a picture showing off Oneplus 5T check out the image.

They are showing off that the Oneplus 5T has a bigger 6-inch display in a similar body like Oneplus 5. Also, they teased that Oneplus 5T will have a headphone jack, so no worries about that!.

So, these were all the latest update about the Oneplus 5T, like and follow us for more on this.

Orignal Post

Oneplus said to be a small manufacturing company, is about to launch a new device with the hardware, they didn’t have at the time of the Oneplus 5 launch. Check out the all new Oneplus 5T leaks, images, specs and more info.

We recently thought that the Oneplus 5T doesn’t exist as there are many reasons to it. You can read that below if you want to. Let us know that if you think which one of them you think may be true.

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So, now many Oneplus 5T leaks are emerging, like HQ renders, Pics, recently we saw press renders, but today we have something else to show you. Someone named @jacky_tech leaked some images from the Oneplus website showing Oneplus 5T, that can be true, or maybe just a inspect element trick. But this is what we have for you guys now as these images are leaked recently.

Check out the below

Oneplus 5T leaks

The Oneplus 5T is an upgrade for successful Oneplus 5 with a new Full View 18:9 Display. Rest of the specs are similar to that of Oneplus 5. As the company’s tagline says, “Larger Screen, Same Footprint”.

Oneplus 5T leaksThe main difference is in hardware, there are rumors that the Dual Camera system in Oneplus 5T will support Dual OIS, and will have a slightly bigger battery, rest of the specs will remain the same.

Oneplus 5T leaksStill, we do think that there is no need of a Oneplus 5T, as there is nothing to upgrade in Oneplus 5T other than it’s Display. We believe that Oneplus should wait till the next Snapdragon Flagship processor and then release the Oneplus 6 directly.

What do you think, will you be happy if Oneplus launched the Oneplus 5T, though these are just leaks. For now, there is no official confirmation as of now. So take this info as a pinch of salt. Do let us know your thoughts about Oneplus 5T or Oneplus 6.

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