This is the Oneplus 6 Avengers Edition! [See Pics]

Oneplus 6 Avengers Edition
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Oneplus recently confirmed that they are partnering with Disney India to bring something Avengers Infinity War related. But we already know what it will be, the Oneplus 6 Avengers Edition. But in this post, I will show you the hands-on pictures of the devices Exclusively.

Like with Oneplus 5T last year they did a Star Wars edition phone, and this time they are collaborating with Disney, and marvel for the greatest movie in the history, that will hopefully break all the records. Oneplus will make some serious cash around the release of the movie.

Oneplus 6 Avengers EditionAlso, there are rumors that this Oneplus 6 Avengers Edition will be exclusive to India only, like the Star Wars edition, Let’s Hope not so that the Avengers Fans across the world can enjoy the greatest smartphone with the look and feel of their favorite superhero.

According to me, there will be 3 colors Red, Purple and one Blue maybe, every color resembles a team. For Eg: Red is for Team Iron Man, Purple is for Team Black Panther, and Blue will probably be Team Thor.

But here is the thing people who follow Likelyfad on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have already seen the device 10 days back. But if you are not a follower, here are the images.

Oneplus 6 Avengers Edition (Iron Man)

Oneplus 6 Avengers EditionOneplus 6 Avengers Edition (Black Panther)

Oneplus 6 Avengers Edition Oneplus 6 Avengers EditionSo, to get all the latest info follow our social handles, by clicking the links below.

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So let’s talk about the device now, there are many spec leaks about Oneplus 6 lately, but as the Avenger’s infinity war is close to its release (27th April), I guess its time for the Oneplus 6 to launch.

Check out the Oneplus 6 Specification here

So, what do you think of the Oneplus 6 Avengers Edition, would you like to buy one? which one you’ll buy. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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