Do not Update your Oneplus 6 to Oxygen OS 5.1.8!

Oneplus 6
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With the record-breaking sale of their flagship phone, OnePlus 6 sales garnered more than 100 crores in just first 10 minutes of the sale. One Plus has become one of the best in class mid-range mobile phone manufacturer or we should say Flagship killer.

Unlike other companies, OnePlus has made their mark in the industry by releasing 2-3 phones a year and quickly rolling out software updates and patches for quick software and security update.

Oneplus 6But with the recent OxygenOS 5.1.6 and 5.1.8 update it worked otherwise. The new update brought new bug fixes and a bit of system performance improvements but with that many of the OnePlus users reported a drastic change in their device’s battery consumption. Not only the Battery drained very fast but some of the users also reported that the temperature of their device, while in idle mode, hiked for no reason. This BATTERY BUG has hit all the OnePlus Smartphone especially their flagship Phone OnePlus 6.

It is a major issue currently faced by all the users who have upgraded to the new software updates of OxygenOS. It is believed that OnePlus will roll out a patch for this BATTERY BUG very soon which is eating up the battery of their devices much faster than usual creating a problem for all the customers.

Oneplus 6Currently we have no solution/fix for this problem as you cannot unroll the update but if you haven’t updated or installed the update yet we suggest you, do not update the device for now and wait for the new patch to arrive and fix this BATTERY BUG or you can minimize your daily usage to keep up with the battery drain.

Stay tuned for more information about more bugs and patches and reach us out for any query. We would love to hear from you in the comment section below if you have any suggestions.



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