Oneplus 6 Leak: New Images Show off Notch and Upgraded Specs

Oneplus 6 Leak
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Oneplus always amazes us with there powerful devices with a low price tag, though they are constantly increasing there prices with each new smartphone they release. This time they have to do something better if they want to stand out. They decided to copy Apple! Again! Check out the Oneplus 6 Leak, showing off a full view display with a notch and more.

These images (see below) gives us a hint about what to expect from Oneplus this time with the upcoming Oneplus 6.

Oneplus 6 LeakFront of the device has a Notch as we first saw in iPhone X, though the main thing to notice is that ugly bottom bezel which is not as huge, still it looks bad. If you opt for a notch you should not have a bezel. That’s what I think.

Also, we got some of the details about the specs of this device in other Oneplus 6 leak image. This Oneplus 6 Leak Named NS P7819 this device’s model number is not familiar at all. Do you think they are launching a new series? of its just a prototype as seen in Verge’s Video? Let us know in the comments below.

Oneplus 6 LeakMoving on the image indicates that the smartphone will have 6GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage, which we saw in all the Oneplus devices in the past, nothing new in that.

Also, it runs on Android 8.1 which is new, it’s still running on December Security Patch (Lazy Oneplus).

This can possibly be a Prototype of what Oneplus is planning also the Oneplus 6 is going to launch in June. So, there are 2 months available to select the best design. But what will be your reaction if this will be the upcoming oneplus 6? Let us know via comments below.

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