Discontinuing OnePlus 3T for the Oneplus 5, But not in India?

OnePlus 3T

Oneplus recently announced that they are officially discontinuing their current Flagship device Oneplus 3T. As they tease info for the Oneplus 5 that the device will support the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, though everyone already knew that (mostly).

The thing to keep an eye upon is the release date, Oneplus claims that Oneplus 5 will the first device in India with Snapdragon 835 Processor, But HTC already teased the launch for its U11 in the first week of June. Also Sony XZ Premium is also on its way to India. So is it mean that the Oneplus 5 will launch before all of these devices…We have to wait and see.

Oneplus 3T

As Oneplus 3T is discontinued, and the last stock will go on sale starting 1st June, we can expect that the smartphone will launch near about the first week of June. But don’t worry Oneplus 3T is not discontinuing in India.

As Oneplus 5 is supposed to be priced higher than its predecessor, then maybe Oneplus will try some marketing techniques like cutting down the price of Oneplus 3T after Oneplus 5 gets announced, in that way company will generate the profit so it’s a win-win.

OnePlus 5, Oneplus 3T

Oneplus 3T will be available in India via 3 portals, Oneplus Store, Amazon, and Oneplus Experience Centre in Banglore.

So, Now we just have to wait and see when will Oneplus Announce their new Flagship.

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