Shocking! Padman release postponed to next month


So, what should I say is it a good news or is it bad news? Oh, let me tell you the news first.  The one of the biggest class of Bollywood history between Padmavat and Akshay Kumar’s Padman that was scheduled to clash on 25th of January won’t happen now. As the Padman release postponed to 9th of February. Here is the complete report.

Padman Release Postponed

Padman release postponed

We all know that after crossing so many hurdles Padmavat is finally all set to release next week. In a historical judgment, the supreme court has lifted all kinds of bans imposed by many states on grounds of risk to public order. But now the biggest challenge in front of the makers of this film was Akshay Kumar’s much-awaited Padman. This clash was surely going to harm Padmavati’s box office growth.

But today Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Akshay Kumar announced it in a joint press conference that PadMan’s release dates have been shifted to 9th February. Addressing the media Akshay Kumar revealed that the release dates have been shifted on the request of Sanjay Leela Bhansali who’s film has already suffered a lot.

“He has gone through a lot. It is essential for them to release the film at this time, their stakes are higher than mine,” Akshay said in the conference.

Reacting to this news Akshay Kumar’s co-star Sonam Kapoor said that “it is not announced officially, isn’t it? If it is, it is good. There is a need for competition when it comes to films and (it is) high time that the film releases. Good cinema is good cinema, I don’t believe in competition. And honestly, I am just happy that the film is releasing, more than anything else, and I hope the film does well. I am pretty sure that there is no official statement from the production house of the film release.” (source Credit NDTV)

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