7 Best Websites to get Paid Android Apps for Free in 2019

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Android Apps are increasing day by day and the developers are bringing new types of apps and games that we didn’t even think will exist a few years back. But the sometimes the vision of developers costs you. So, today we will let you know about How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free.

Before you Read Ahead consider reading this,

Note: Developing an App requires a lot of effort and sleepless nights, so, we recommend use the legit systems and pay for the app that you need. That also helps the developer to develop and update the app with features or may create a better one.

Use these sites for testing purposes only.

So, you still want to get that Paid App for Free? Okay, Let’s get started then.

Paid Apps For Free

Best For: Android Apps, Windows Softwares, Cracked Apps, and Games.

I personally love this website, they offer tons of apps and other software as well for free. also, they give you 5-6 mirrors for every app, so that if a website doesn’t work you can use another link.

The site design is great, and you will not have any problem with navigation. Though you have to look out for some Pop Up Ads. They are there, but not very much, you will be able to download the desired app after some extra clicks.

The only problem I find with this site is they don’t update some of the apps….some, not all, it’s still my personal favorite.

Best For: Android Apps and Games

This is available as an Android App itself which will help you get your Desired Apps for Free. Its one of the oldest and one of the best apps available for the job.

The interface is easy, no annoying ads (but the Ads are still there), Tabs for easier sorting etc.

Some things you should know about the app are, you need to enter the full name of the app you are looking for then only your app will show on top, otherwise, there are scenarios that you have to scroll and search for it from the results.

Now, I don’t know it only happened with me or its a bug, but still, that’s what I noticed.

Also, the apps are there to download for free, but nowadays the developers are securing the apps from piracy, by giving the app for free and pricing the services as the pro package.

So, this app cannot help you with that. Keep that in mind.

Thought the other paid apps you download for free will work.

Paid Apps For Free

Best For: Android Apps, Paid Android Apps for Free.

It is the oldest yet the best site to download free apps. The good thing about the Aptoide is that you can Download the App you want from their Website, and if you want to download it directly to your phone they also have an App for that.

The Website is also nicely designed and easy to use, so a Plus for that and the App is also nicely built and performs all the functions flawlessly.

It also prompts for the updates of the applications you have if any.

Paid Apps For Free

Best For: Android Apps, Paid Android Apps for Free.

One of the Best site to get Paid Apps for Free, They always update the apps to their latest version as soon as it comes out.

The navigation is sorted out nicely with a dropdown menu for various categories just like the Play Store.

The download process is also easy. They do have misleading ads so be aware of that.

So, think before clicking a download button that is it the right one or not.

They also provide many mirrors for the App you want to download.

Overall a great website to Download Paid Android Apps for Free.

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Paid Apps For Free

Best For: Android Apps, Cracked/Modded Android Apps, and Games.

This is also my personal favorite, there is a reason behind that and that is along with the Paid Apps for free part they also provide Cracked and Modded Apps and Games.

The best thing about this website is, they have almost all Modded Apps and Games that are available in Play store.

Also, the apps constantly get updated. The best way to download the mods is to install their app called Happy Mod.

It simplifies the process and make it faster, but make sure before downloading apps from this site you turn off your antivirus because it shows errors while downloading.

Paid Apps For Free

Best For: Android Apps, Cracked/Modded Android Apps, and Games.

Another great site to get Paid Android Apps for free as well as the Modded Apps for Free. The best features about the websites are that they provide direct links to the Apks you are trying to download.

Also, you can request the apk that you need to them and they will add the Apk in near future.

Also, they have a large community of people on Facebook who interact and share the apps with people around the globe.

The only thing I don’t like about the site is its old design, it fully functional and get things done, but it doesn’t look good as other new sites

Paid Apps For Free

Best For: Android Apps, Easy Download Paid Android Apps for Free

One of the simplest website out there, you don’t have to search through every app on the site to get what you want.

You just have to copy the Play Store link and paste it on the website and you will get the link the download link of the apk.

Site design is also good, no annoying popup ads on the site, content is on the place, no locked content, signup forms or anything like that.

So, these were Top 7 Best Sites/Apps to Download Paid Android Apps for Free, what’s your opinion, do you know any app/site better than that to push in the list?

Also, what do you think about these Sites/Apps, Have You Tried Them? Comment your Views Below.

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