Porsche Cayenne towed a Airbus seriously


The German Auto Maker company “Porsche” has showed its muscle power on the Runway. Porsche is a very reputed Automaker brand in the world, they always perform experiments for making their customers happy with their supercars. Now, another experiment has been successfully won by the brand through its heavy muscle car “Porsche Cayenne”. In this test Cayenne has to tow a Air France Airbus A380. The plane was 285- tonne in the weight and 42- meters in length which is really huge I must say. You will think that how Cayenne will tow this huge plane, But our Cayenne is small but powerful. By towing this plane the car has made GUINNESS WORLD RECORD.

The Experiment was achieved at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris France on 21st April, 2017 yes i get late for posting it but don’t worry not from next time.


Porsche Cayenne specifications:

  • It is powered by V6, 6- cylinder, 3604cc Petrol engine.
  • It delivers the Maximum Power of 420 bhp @6,000 rpm.
  • It churns the Torque around 550Nm from 1,350 rpm to 4,500 rpm.
  • It got the 8- speed Automatic gearbox.
  • It has the Kerb weight of 2085kg.

With all these above Specifications Cayenne is successful in towing the Air France Airbus A380. With this experiment Porsche has made to realize every Automaker what a car can do & how much Porsche cars are capable of which made its rival to think strongly.

So, guys what do you think about Cayenne does it started a new record for Heavy muscle SUV cars, tell us about any car which you all think can beat Cayenne and tow Air France Airbus A380 just like this, don’t forget to tell us about car of which about you want to get the information and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.

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