10 Tips on How to Rank Better on Google Maps Fast!

How to Rank Better on Google Maps
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Google recently changed the way to display Google Maps listing on their Search Engine, Now it shows almost all the details about the place, and doing a competitive analysis of all the result. Now, this competitive analysis made some result go down in search, despite having a good service and place, just because they don’t know what to do and how to do it. In this article, you will get to know How to Rank Better on Google Maps Easily.

How to Rank Better on Google Maps

The tips here, are common for all types of businesses, like PGs, Homes for Rent, Office space etc.

1) Choose Proper Keyword

How to Rank Better on Google MapsNow, this is the most basic step, choose a keyword about the service you want to rank for, For Example: Managed IT Services Delhi, Boys PG in Delhi etc.

2) Get your Business on Google

How to Rank Better on Google MapsTo get your business on top of Google Search or in Google Maps search, first you have to register your business on Google Business, its an official tool by Google that helps you set up your business, to show up on Google Search.

3) Giving the Relevant Information

How to Rank Better on Google MapsTo get your result on top of Google search, give proper information to Google, never put fake info on you my business page, it can affect your rank badly. Use your main keyword wherever possible.

4) Optimise your Description

How to Rank Better on Google MapsMake sure when writing the description, you add your keyword in the first or second line, and then explain your service and its features, and why anyone should opt for you.

5) Add Photos of your Service

How to Rank Better on Google MapsPhotos help people to get an idea about the place you have, add 4-5 photos on your Google Maps Page, and try to have a nice 360-degree Picture if you can, it’s trending nowadays, and it looks good too.

6) Add User Reviews

How to Rank Better on Google MapsUser reviews can help a lot in improving your search presence on Google Maps, to get more user reviews, ask people who visit you to review your place on Google Maps about their experience.

7) Embed your Map on your Website

How to Rank Better on Google MapsEveryone got a website nowadays, and if you embed your location on your website’s main page or contact page, you will get a backlink, and Google will think that this place is not fake and people are using it as a reference, this will improve your rank on Google.

8) Publish your place on Leading Websites

How to Rank Better on Google MapsPublish your place on leading websites, for eg if its a restaurant, you can use Swiggy, Zomato etc. If you have a Room To Rent you can use, Magicbricks, 99acres, Quikr etc.

9) Increase Inbound Links

How to Rank Better on Google MapsNow, this step is tricky, inbound links are the links from different websites, pointing to your link, if you have more inbound links you will rank higher in Google Search. To get more inbound links, you have to contact some media persons, who write related to your services and can ask them to write about yours, by this way you will get a good inbound link, that will surely improve your Google Rank.

10) Get Social

How to Rank Better on Google MapsAsk your friends to share location link on various Social Media networks, as Google doesn’t only monitor inbound links it also tracks social mentions, so the more people talk about your business, the more chances of your business to rank higher on Google Maps. So, these are some tips about How to Rank Better on Google Maps, if you have any questions you can ask us in the comments. We will be happy to answer.

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