4 Reasons why all Oneplus 5T Leaks are FAKE!

Oneplus 5T
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We are getting a couple of leaks of the upcoming Oneplus 5T with a Full Vision display, latest we saw an image of an invite of Oneplus 5T Event in China. Let’s Talk about it.

First things first that Launching a Oneplus 5T is not worth and it’s not time yet!

Reasons Why Oneplus 5T Leaks are Fake

1) Small Company

As Oneplus said earlier with the launch of Oneplus 5 that they are a small company and they don’t have the reach to these high fi techs yet. CEO said that they would love to do that if they had the tech.

2) No Need

Oneplus 5TLets actually talk about it, I mean, they have one of the best flagship devices out there, and there is no one to compete that massive 8GB RAM coupled up with Snapdragon 835. So, why will they make a new device for just a screen? Not seems legit to me. Probably they will do it next year with Oneplus 6.

Come on this will be a big update, until next year we may have a new flagship processor from Qualcomm, then we can think of an OP6, now there is nothing they can ADD they already have the best!

3) The Invite

Oneplus 5TThe invite above shows a border of the device with a ‘T’ in it, this invite is making people crazy about the Oneplus 5T, but that’s not true even Oneplus now confirmed that it’s not a Oneplus 5T invite. So stop, don’t get excited just yet!

4) The Specs

The new specs include the 18:9 Display, new Camera placement at the back and a bigger battery. Do you think that this is actually an upgrade?

Oneplus 5TThough the rumors of the Oneplus 5T launching can be true also, I am not denying that fact, also Oneplus didn’t clarify that its coming or not. So, we will keep you guys updated if we get anything more about it.

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