Reliance Jio Laptop Coming Soon powered by Snapdragon Processors

Jio Laptop

We all know how Jio is disrupting the market with their low data and call rates. But now there are reports that Reliance is going to collaborate with Qualcomm to bring us Jio Laptop soon.

Why Jio Laptop?

They already did their part in the feature phone market, telecom market, smartphone market (by giving offers with smartphone purchases), now its time for the laptop.

Over 5 Million laptops are sold every year in India, and those laptops rely on outside medium to connect to the internet, like Wifi, Dongle etc.

Jio LaptopBut the Jio laptop will not need anything like that, because that will run with a Jio Sim. There are no cellular laptops in India yet, and with Jio launching them at a low and affordable price, there will be a huge rise in the numbers of the laptop sold in a year.

What will you get with Jio Laptop?

The Jio Laptop will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, with Cellular Connectivity built in, and possibly 5G Ready.

The Jio Laptop will run on Windows 10 Operating System, with integration with Cortana and Latest features.

Jio LaptopJio will launch Special Data Packs for Jio Laptop, that will include both Calling and Internet, and other exclusive benefits.

Jio will reportedly provide content from other streaming sites like Amazon and Hotstar built in.

Will Jio Laptop Work?

Jio LaptopThe answer is maybe, as Jio is giving us a Laptop that doesn’t need an external medium to connect to the internet, but does that mean the people will buy that laptop just for that?

I mean, the upcoming Jio Laptop should have enough Features, and Specs that can run Windows 10 Lagfree and can at least handle daily tasks well, and can compete with other Laptop brands.

This plan of Reliance to launch a Laptop is a Risk. Let’s wait and see what they have in store for us.

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