Reliance Jio is Leaking User Data, including Aadhaar Card Number

Reliance Jio user Details Leaked

Reliance Jio is one of the biggest networks right now and is conquering all the other networks like Airtel, Vodafone etc. But is it secure??? The answer is no! Reliance Jio user databases are hacked and all the user information is leaked. What is Reliance saying about this, find out below.

Reliance Jio user Details Leaked

The details are leaked on a site called you can get any user’s details by just searching his/her phone number.

The details you’ll get when you search:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • mobile Number
  • Email-Id
  • circle-Id
  • SIM Activation Date and Time
  • Aadhaar Card Number

That is bad to see a company like Reliance Jio, not securing user data properly, that didn’t happen with any other mobile operator yet. Reliance has some work to do on the security part now.

Reliance Jio user Details Leaked

After this issue raised Reliance replied

We have come across the unverified and unsubstantiated claims of the website and are investigating it. Prima facie, the data appears to be unauthentic. We want to assure our subscribers that their data is safe and maintained with highest security. Data is only shared with authorities as per their requirement. We have informed law enforcement agencies about the claims of the website and will follow through to ensure strict action is taken.

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