Renault Duster has really failed Crash Test with Zero Star


Whenever We think about about heavy muscular SUV’s “Duster” is a name which always comes in our mind. There is no doubt that Renault Duster is a heavy muscle but if it fulfills all the criteria which a heavy Muscle SUV must have, “I will say NOT”. It not just according to me but also from the Global (NCAP) Global New Car Assessment Programme. It is a Programme in which every car is Test for safety of Driver & Passengers. A car which fails this test will get very less star which means it is not faithful or dependable car if it meet any kind of accident in future.

In this test by NCAP Renault Duster (mainly all the variants) are tested. In New Delhi: The basic variant of Duster not even managed to score a single star from the Test because of Driver’s and passenger’s chest protection was adjudged to be marginal as well.


The Same variant which has not Airbags got good result in the safety of Rear seat with 2- stars but it also get some failure in which child seat was unable to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact.

This test was also run in the UK with the Mid variant Duster, here it got 3- stars for Driver safety but got only 2- stars for Child protection. Latin Duster comes with single airbag version and was tested by Latin NCAP in 2015, where it got four stars. It was found that the Indian Duster sports a smaller airbag as compared to its Latin American counterpart.

David Ward, secretary general, Global NCAP, said, “It is troubling that during the UN Road Safety Week, we yet again encounter a zero star car in our crash testing in India. Renault produces the Duster in a number of markets and yet it seems content to provide a version for India which falls so far short on safety.”

So, guys what do you think about the is it a safe or dependable car for ourselves or for our family, still are you going to buy this, tell us your views in the comment box and don’t forget to tell us the car & bike about which you want to get more information and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.

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