Rolo Contact Manager: 10 Features that will make you switch to it

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We all are familiar with our dialer, contacts and Sms apps, they are One of the basic built-in apps, which don’t have any further functionality apart from calling, viewing contacts and sending or receiving Sms. However, there is an app that can do all of this and furthermore that no app can and that is Rolo Contact Manager.

Rolo contact manager is an App made by Netmine Mobile Innovations a company lead by Srinath Rajaram, which focuses on making the least used apps usable again, while Rolo has tons of features, we will today tell you 10 that will make you ditch your old Google Dialer.

So let’s get started.

1) Personal CRM

Rolo Contact ManagerMany companies use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, those help them build a better relationship with their customers and partners.


Rolo can help you do that without paying any money. Its features like note taking, reminders and EZ settings (that I’ll explain later) helps you manage your day to day tasks.

It is best suited for Businessman, but this app is made for everyone.

2) Ease of Use

Rolo Contact ManagerWhen you are on call and someone tells you to do a thing or you wife says you to bring something, most of the times you forget it. But here Rolo can save you, with its Reminders and Notes feature, you can add a note or a reminder anytime you want about the contact you want.


Just swipe right to any Contact you want to add a reminder or note. Also, if you want to send a text to someone at a specific time, but you know at that time you’ll probably forget it or will be busy, you can schedule your message, and set a time for it, a day Rolo will send it automatically. That is one feature I use the most.

3) Quick Add and Easy Edits

If you get an unknown call, and you want to save it, you don’t have to go to your dialer open/copy the number and then add details. Rolo Contact Manager helps you do that with a single click.

Whenever you get a call from an unknown number, Rolo gives you an option to save it right away as shown in the picture above.

Also, editing the saved contacts are also easy, just click the profile picture and you will be taken to the contact screen to edit

4) All in One

Rolo Contact ManagerYou all may have 3 separate apps for managing contacts, SMS, calls, but Rolo can do all 3 without downloading any other app or extension.

After you open Rolo for the first time you will get to see, shortcuts of Rolo dialer, contacts, and Sms, where you can choose which one to use or which one to delete. No extra storage used.

5) Roloscope

Rolo Contact ManagerThis the most loved feature of Rolo Contact Manager and actually very useful, this is actually the notes and remainder screen the difference is you don’t have to open a contact to add notes or remainder.

Whenever you get a call a floating window will appear and you can click on it to add quick notes and reminders right after the call or within the call.

This feature is really useful for businessmen and people like us, bloggers, YouTubers.

6) Contact Share and Merger

You all know that WhatsApp made easy to share contacts on the go, before that we had Vcards (we still got them), but what Rolo do is share the contacts via SMS in a compact form, through which anyone can get it and make use of it, even if he doesn’t have any smartphone.

7) Visiting Card Scan

Rolo Contact ManagerA very handy feature to have, especially for me, because I meet a lot of people, and its hard to remember them and saving their details take forever (It doesn’t take Forever, I am Lazy) and in that case, Rolo helps me do it easily.

How? It’s really simple

By just clicking a picture of the visiting card, and it takes all the info and saves it. Though in my testing it works 70-75% of the times, that is just about the picture you took, and the details on the card.

8) Multiple Accounts

Rolo Contact ManagerYou can have multiple accounts on Rolo, it gets your contacts through Gmail and Google App.

Also, it can sync the details of people from your facebook account, who use Rolo and can show you feed of your contact’s Twitter Account if they and you are connected to Twitter.

9) Automated Backup and Security

Contacts and the notes and remainders added are saved in the cloud, you can access them anytime you want, on any other device.

The details you save, and the Emails and data is secured and encrypted using 256­bit AES keys. So you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen.

10) UI and Themes

What is the use of an App if it’s not handy and easy to use, with some fluid animations and material design, Rolo has all of those, it got a nice UI to use and work on.

Also, it has theme option where you can find other beautiful themes for your App. However, those are paid. You have to pay 500Rs per year to unlock the full potential of Rolo Contact Manager.

Rolo is currently a dream app, for a  small business person like me, and I look forward to future updates.

So, this was all about the Rolo Contact Manager feature for now. You can download the app from the link below if you like it.

Download Rolo Contact Manager from Google Play

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