This actress is playing lead role in Saina Nehwal biopic


We all know how biographical movies have become a new trend in Bollywood. The movies of this genre are enjoying huge successes and that is why every filmmaker are shifting their attention toward biopics. A new addition to this trend is Saina Nehwal biopic.

After portraying the role of Haseena Parker in her last outing Shraddha Kapoor is all set for one another biopic which is based on the life of Olympic medalist Saina Nehwal a well-known Sports personality of our country.

Saina Nehwal biopic

Saina Nehwal biopic

Looks plays a major part in the making of any Impactful biopic and filmmakers make sure to choose actors who have similar looks to the character. Talking about Shraddha Kapoor and Saina Nehwal the Similarities in their looks could be well judged in the pic below.

According to report published in Decan Chronicles Shraddha is more than happy to know this fact “Yes! I was more than surprised when my picture with Saina Nehwal was posted and I started getting comments stating: ‘You look like her sister.’ I was really feeling very happy about this fact” she said in a recent interview.

The shooting for this film is yet to start and currently, the actress is busy in preparing for the character and learning Badminton from Saina Nehwal herself.

Saina Nehwal Biopic

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