Salman Khan responds to Zubair Khan in the most epic way


Salman Khan responds to Zubair Khan: Since the day he got evicted Big Boss season 11’s ex-contestant Zubair Khan has been demanding the apology from Salman due to the ‘Dog’ remarks that Salaman made against him.

The controversy has erupted during last week’s ‘Weekend Ka War’ when Salman was very upset with Zubair Khan as he used foul language in the house. Zubair kept on arguing with Salman and that is when he went on to say ‘ Tujhe Kutta Banaunga’.

Salman Khan responds to Zubair Khan

But now the controversy doesn’t seem to settle anytime soon as finally, Salman Khan has himself responded to Zubair Khan’s demand of apology and that too in the most epic way.

Unlike other ‘Weekend Ka War’ episodes where we get to see very intense Salman discussing serious issues of the house but this Saturday’s week was quite opposite of it. Salman started on a very light note and but before proceeding to his usual routine Salman suddenly started talking about dogs, and said “I called a contestant dog on the show, and I apologize to all the dogs for that” after that the whole house burst into laughter.

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