Samsung Galaxy S8 Price Reveled! and its High!

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 the upcoming flagship from the reputed smartphone maker Samsung, though their previous Flagship (Note 7) went horribly wrong. So, now we have hopes from the upcoming smartphone, to get as successful as its predecessor, and not explode. Samsung will be more focused this time with the batteries, though!

So, as the batteries are concern Samsung may launch their new Exynos 9 processors at MWC 2017 to get better efficiency . These new SOCs will be based on 10nm Nodes…10nm processors offer “up to 30 percent increase in area efficiency with 27 percent higher performance or 30 percent lower energy consumption”.

Samsung Galaxy S8

As you may know, the Snapdragon 835 also work on the same 10nm process, and Snapdragon 835s are manufactured by Samsung. So, maybe we have something big coming our way soon.

For the time being, we have another news for our readers, the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked a while ago, Take a look

Samsung Galaxy S8

According to the image above the cost of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is around UAH 28,999, roughly equating to 71,000INR~$1,060 respectively.

Don’t worry that is just a leaked/expected price, we will get to know about the official pricing soon.

Till then keep checking LikelyFad for more!

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