The Summer Event At Pacific- Scuba Diving An Under Water Exprience

scuba diving

Scuba diving has reached Delhi Subhash Nagar. It has been started in the Pacific Mall. If you love swimming, adventures and love to do some thrilling things you better go for it. We went there to experience that how would it be to go underwater and watching fishes around you. It was great. I was imaging myself in the water with fishes and that imagination turns into excitement. But I was quite nerves also. Honestly speaking I am afraid of fishes and deep water. But I didn’t want to let that experience go away from me. so I went there with my excitement and nervousness.

scuba diving

Finally, It was my turn to go into the water. I went up near the water tank. They gave me fins and diving mask. It made me more excited and nervous both at the same time. The instructor helped me to wear breathing apparatus and told me how to breathe under water.

scuba diving

He told me to exercise the inhaling and exhaling outside so that I will be fine with breathing under water.  Then he told me some actions, That would help to express the feeling underwater. Then comes the time when we enter into the water. He gave me 3-4 round tour of the tank where I saw small fishes. The duration of the activity was 15-20 minutes.

scuba diving

It was 8meters in depth which is not so deep. My legs were touching the floor. They should increase the depth of the tank so that it would be more fun. The Fishes were less. There was hardly one or two fishes I saw which were about 4-5 cm long. Most of them were 1-2 cm long which was not so good. I got nervous and excited before entering underwater But it was ok in there. Although it was a great experience. I loved to get over my nervousness. Maybe now I will not be afraid to do scuba diving somewhere again. The charges were quite expensive according to the space and depth of the tank.

scuba diving

Do visit Pacific Mall at Tagore Garden, Delhi Near Metro Station. The event is until June 30, 2017.The Charges for scuba diving are Rs.2000/-.

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  1. Sounds like fun!! They should definitely add a variety of fish. For some reason the water seems a little foggy in the pictures. Hope it’s clean.


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