Forget the broken screen, Soon it will Repair itself, Self Healing Displays are here.

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Ever dropped your phone? Probably yes, and every time you wished that, please save the screen, but sometimes it breaks, and for iPhone the chances increases. However, what if I say you will break your screen, but you don’t have to pay for the new one. Liked it, then read on.

Researchers from the University of Tokyo discovered a new type of glass that can heal itself (Self Healing Displays). Which they say can be used in Smartphone and other devices.

Self Healing DisplayIt’s not new that we are getting to know about self healing technology, recently moto signed a patent for self healing displays that can heal when heated. Also, LG G Flex 2 comes with self healing back, which can repair small scratches and dents over a small period of time.

Though these techniques are not new to plastic and rubber, this Self Healing Displays is one of its kind, the story about this is….”This was an accident”.

Scientists named Yu Yanagisawa was trying to use this material as glue when he found out it Healing properties. He found out that this glass can come back to its original form and strength in few hours at Room Temperature.

Self Healing DisplayThis material is a new polymer called “polyether-thioureas”, that can make all of this possible, you just have to apply pressure to the damaged area, and it will start repairing.

So, what do you think of Self Healing Displays, do you want to see this glass in the smartphones in future?

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