Shell concept car- which can travel 100km in just 2.6-litre Petrol


The Petrol prices are increasing day by day because of its shortage in the world. Every car company is making its vehicle in that way so that they can achieve maximum Fuel efficiency. Not just in the present, car companies are also trying to tackle the major crisis of Petrol. According to the data in 2050 there will be more than 2- billion vehicles on the road and anyone can think of the Pollution from these vehicles. Some of the companies are trying to use the CO2 as fuel for their cars. As carbon is the Major polluting gas which harms our environment drastically. Transport section releases 25% of CO2 in our environment. So, its not a bad idea to use Carbon as fuel which not only Fulfills our demand of fuel but also decrease the Pollution from the our environment. “Shell”- a British-Dutch multinational oil & gas company has taken its first step in this way to make our mother pollution free.


The company has designed a concept car which is based on the Gordon Murray’s T.25 city car. Kevin Doyle, development manager, Gordon Murray Designs, mentioned that the design brief that was given to them had the prime objective of making the most efficient car. It is really interesting to see how the design engineers squeezed in all that tech in such a compact car and that was a big challenge for the design firm, said Kevin.

Shell concept specifications:


  • It is powered by 3- cylinder 660 cc motor by Mitsubishi.
  • it produce the Power of  43 PS and churns the Torque around 64 Nm.
  • It runs on the 5- speed AMT transmission.
  • It uses the Thinnest oil in the world which is not based on the crude oil but in the natural gas.
  • It got the Top Speed of 156 km/h.
  • It reaches from 0-100 km/h in 15.8- seconds, yes it is taking a lot time but.
  • It can cover 100km in just 2.6- litre of Petrol if it drive at steady speed of 70km/h. 

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