Comedian Siddharth Sagar was thrown into mental asylum by his parents

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From past few days, the news of famous actor and comedian Siddharth Sagar’s disappearance has been doing rounds in the new. But finally, Siddharth himself has come out and revealed about the whole story behind what happened to him and how he went missing from past 5-6 months.

Who is Siddharth Sagar

Before proceeding to the story let us give you a small introduction of Siddharth Sagar. Sagar started his career at a very tender age of 8 and some of his notable works are Comedy Circus, Chhote Miyan Bade Miyan, Comedy Classes and many other TV shows. He last appeared on TV in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

What happened?

In a recent press conference, the comedian revealed how his life was made a hell by his parents. He said that he was a spiritual man and a very happy living guy but things got changed when a man entered in his mother’s life (his real Mom-dad are separated now).

That man incited Siddharth’s mother in every possible way against him. She began mentally harassing him for money and event kept him on the medications of Bi-polar disorder which he was not suffering from. Post that he was also sent to a mental asylum where the doctors brutally harassed him both mentally and physically.

Substance Abuse

He also revealed that he was very shattered and aloof when his mother started behaving like this and there was literally no one in his life with whom he could share his problems. Then one of his friends suggested him to take substances and due to his addictive nature, he became badly addicted to it.

siddharth sagar

Why he opened up so late

When asked about why he took so much time to open up and reveal all these things. He said “I remained silent all this while as I thought it was my family problem and it should not come out in open. I was doing absolutely fine and my career was going well. It all started IN 2013-2014 when my mother developed insecurity and she did not like that I made friends or visited my spiritual guru. When she told me that she found someone whom she wants to spend the life with, I was happy for her. I felt even she needs a partner. But I was wrong as things soon got ugly for me.” quoted by TOI.

He got very emotional while sharing all this. Watch the video of his press conference here if guys haven’t watched it yet.

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