Siempo Launcher Review: An app to keep you off your Phone

siempo launcher review
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Siempo is an Android launcher that helps you to use your phone less, by limiting the features of your Android Homescreen. So, I used the launcher for Couple of days and its time for Siempo Launcher Review. So, let’s get started.

Now there are many android launchers in the play store, which offers more features, some better, and some new ones. But this Siempo is the only kind that offers the no features, or you should say worst features.

siempo launcher reviewThese apps want you to use your phone less, instead enjoy the life around you, which is actually cool. When I used this app I noticed I was able to complete my work faster and the outcome was better.

What will this app do?

When you install this app, it will ask you to select the apps you don’t want to use or the apps that you should not use, and will put them in dark grey color and that you have to set up your home screen, where you have to set up the apps that you do want to use, and the apps which you are not addicted to.

siempo launcher review

After that you have to select when you want to get notifications, I choose 30 mins, and then you are all set up and can use the phone. I must say that I felt less compelled to use my phone because there were no messages, nothing to see.

This app is good, still, it can be better, like the dark mode should be added, as it’s a pure white experience, that can disturb the eyes in the night.

So, that’s all for this Siempo Launcher Review, did you like it? head over to the play store or open the link below to try it out.


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