Things Special in the New 2018 iPhones that you should know

Things Special in the new 2018 iPhones
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Apple released their newest iPhones in the market, and those are best they’ve ever made, also there are many other things that they did the first time in an iPhone. So, check out our list of Things Special in the New 2018 iPhones.

Things Special in the New 2018 iPhones

7nm Processors

Things Special in the new 2018 iPhones 7While Huawei announced their first 7nm processor Kirin 980, that will debut in 2019, Apple made it official that their new iPhones will come with the new processors. Why is 7nm is a big deal, in short, its 40% more energy efficient, and it can make big difference in terms of usage and power.

And where every other manufacturer, are waiting for Qualcomm to announce their latest processors, Apple made it like they wanted. Also, Samsung is on its way to that with their new Exynos Processor, but this time Apple did it first (made it commercially available).

Dual Sim

Things Special in the new 2018 iPhones People who have an iPhone knows, how big this change is, previously iPhones come with a single Sim option only, till the iPhone X, while all the other android devices, supported dual or even triple Sims. With this change, Apple surely made their customers happy.


Things Special in the new 2018 iPhonesYou can go out with your iPhone when it’s raining, and Customers were immensely happy to know that, but that is the thing of the past now. Though you can still take them out when it’s raining, they upgraded it, now you can go swimming with them, obviously, they will be on the poolside….

But by chance if suddenly your new 1099$ iPhone Xs Max fell into the pool, then you don’t have to worry, you can just pull it out, let or dry and it will work fine.

Better Face ID

Things Special in the new 2018 iPhonesThey improved the face ID with your face data, secretly collected, via your iPhone if you have one, though they did show a popup, asking for the permission when you set up, it’s like… Me, who cares…

Yeah, Apple do, they updated their FaceID, with new and better algorithms, and software, to work better.

But they can’t add the auto unlock feature when you face is detected, instead of swipe… I hope they will add it soon.

Stereo Speakers and Recording

Things Special in the new 2018 iPhonesNow iPhones can record an audio for a video or only audio, in stereo sound, else relating them in both pairs.

The new iPhones have 4 microphones, which helps you record sound from all directions.

Awesome colors

Things Special in the new 2018 iPhonesThere is only a new Gold color in the flagships, but the iPhone 6R is a good phone, with the great color options. It’s modern-day iPhone 5c, I hope people will praise it, not as they did with 5C.

So these were some Things Special in the New 2018 iPhones that you should know. Let us know what you think about that, and did you like the new iPhones? Tell us in the comments below.

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