First Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is finally out

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When all of Marvel fans are still busy in making their theories of how Avengers can survive Thanos’s wrath the makers have already given the glimpses of the post-Thanos world. Yes, as the Marvel and Sony have released the first teaser trailer for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’. The trailer showcases the latest adventure of Peter Parker who is heading to Europe with his friends. Some new Marvel villains are also going to debut with this film so keep reading this post as we are going to give all minute details about the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

So, this more than 2 and a half minute trailer starts with a charity event organized by the aunt May where Spider-Man is a chief guest. And after this scene, we see aunt May hugging Peter who is in his spidy suit without the mask. So, this means that Aunt May is now aware of Peter’s secret. After that we see Happy Hogan hitting on May. This scene also indicates that Happy is going to mentor Peter in the absence of Tony Stark.

Next, we see Peter is gearing up for his tour to Europe but deliberately opts out to leave his suit as he thinks that there wouldn’t be any use of spiderman in Europe school tour.

But soon after reaching Europe Peter meets Nick Fury who tells him about the upcoming danger in the city. And then Peter is shown saving his friends from a failing building but in a new Spider-Man costume that Nick may have given him. After this, we are introduced to the characters of Sand Man, Hydro-Man and the Mysterio. Here in a scene, Mysterio is shown helping Peter to combat with the likes of Hydro-Man and Sand Man.

This film is all set to be released on 5th July 2019. Watch out the trailer of this film here

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