Sultan : Movie Review

We know Salman Khan Movies are said to be all about peppy numbers and smart one-liners but with his recent films like Bajrangi Bhaijan and now Sultan he has broken this stereotype.

Sultan: Story

Sultan becomes a wrestler to impress Aafra, but looses her because of his own deeds. How he will get back her and what will be the result of that deadly fight which he fights when he develops a belly and the spirit broken. Salman’s rare acting skills give a much defining touch to the movie.

Sultan: Review

‘Gunday’ and ‘Mere Brother KI Dulhan’ fame director Ali Zaffer has surprised everyone by displaying a rare understanding of what makes a Bollywood potboiler work, combining smart manipulation with straight forward storytelling.
Talking about movie a young entrepreneur Aakash (Amit Sadh) is about to  docile as his idea of bringing Mixed Martial Arts isn’t working out. In search of a fighter who will breathe his Tournament, his father suggests a name SULTAN.
Sultan(Salman Khan) is a middle age former wrestler, who has lost himself. In the flashback a young, desi Sultan is introduced who falls in love with Aarfa (Anushka) who is a wrestler and her fathers owns a akhaara, to impress her Sultan determinedly joins her father’s akhaara and trains so hard. He wins every championship and Aarfa’s heart.
But after wining the Olympics medal he looses out his mind and losses aafra nd every thing).
First-half of the film is high on romance. Wait, not the typical Bollywood love. Instead, the director has put an uncanny feel to it. The dialect and accent of Haryana are the true winners. You will be amazed to know that, unlike the popular opinion, even Salman’s dialect isn’t bad at all, the portrayal of a pahalwan is pretty gripping in some of the scenes.He has given a fighting performance, his character graph moving plausibly from a cheery, everyday “loojer” to a determined athlete, an arrogant star, a crushed, depressed, lonely guy. Anushka plays her familiar feisty girl, with a rustic twang and self-control, but fairly little change.
Second half of movie is what the audiences want to see in a salman starter movie. In this part Sultan struggles hard to win back Aarfa’s heart and his lost identity. For that he competes in entrepreneur Akash Oberoi’s (Amit) Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament. Other then Sultan’s performance which attracts is his friend Govind (Anant) who play the wrestler’s buddy and stand by in his toughest time. Randeep Hooda as a MMA coach adds more intensity and vigor to sultan.
Talking about Sultan’s music, it isn’t as good as Salman’s earlier hits but somehow it manages to blend in as story moves forward.
Overall ‘Sultan’ is a very entertaining movie, except its repetitive training sequences.  People who are not even Salman Khan Movies fan can also let them free  and have a clap!


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