Top 20 Marvel Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos in Seconds

superheros who can kill thanos

So, Infinity War is here, and it’s awesome! It showed us the entirely different Origin of Thanos, he is sentimental and caring, but he is still mad and powerful. So here is a list of Top 20 Marvel Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos in Matter of Seconds.

So, we updated the list and sorted out the characters, according to the probability of them showing up in the next movie. For all the curious fans who want to be updated with every Marvel news, we will keep on updating this again and again by adding more characters and their theory of how they can defeat Thanos.

20 Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

1) World Breaker Hulk

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

No doubt Hulk is at first place as we all know what are the capabilities of this monstrous Superhero but who is World Breaker Hulk? Well, he is just a gravage Hulk, after suffering a lot of pain and trauma following the events of Planet Hulk and he can use his powers to the full extent.

As the name suggests this hulk is capable of busting whole planets and he easily defeated all the Avengers without any sign of weakness. This is what makes him the most powerful superhero of MCU and one of the Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos.

Though we got to see that Banner is not becoming the Hulk, probably because he got beaten by Thanos pretty bad. But after seeing half of the universe die in Avengers infinity war, he may get angry enough to become Hulk, and Defeat Thanos.

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2) Iron Man

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

This name might surprise you all but after watching him in the recently released Avengers: Infinity War movie we had to add his name to the list. No, doubt that Tony Stark has no chance in front of Thanos in his ordinary Iron Man suits and armors but his new armor ‘bleeding edge’ is so much advance that he even managed to attack Thanos for a while.

This bleeding edge armor is a new addition to his inventions and it is equipped with many fascinating features. This armor is made up of nanotechnology and it can never be destroyed as it repairs itself.

Apart from that this armor can be transformed in literally any kind of weapon. We saw in the movie as well that how tony stops Thanos from using infinity gauntlet and if somehow he could snatch any of the infinity stones from Thanos than it would be a pretty interesting fight to watch.

Also, it seems like, the Infinity Gauntlet is destroyed, and Thanos may not be able to use the Infinity Stones, and if that’s the case, Ironman can surely give him a tough fight. After the tragic death of Spiderman, and who knows if pepper potts died or not? What do you think?

3) Arsenal

Superheroes Who Can Defeat ThanosWe think that we might see Arsenal in Avengers 4, but we will get to that story Later, get to know Arsenal first.

Arsenal is actually a robot that was made by Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s father during the days of World war ll.It was a special robot who can manipulate the energies and send them in other dimensions.

In the comic episode of “Thanos Rising“, Arsenal helps Iron Man and the Avengers by fighting against Thanos, using his capabilities of absorbing the energy of the infinity stones and ultimately defeats Thanos and fulfilled his primary function of protecting Tony at all costs.

4) Ultron

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

Ultron is another one of the most powerful villains of Marvel Cinematic Universe and we have already seen his capabilities in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This character has superhuman strengths, Speed and Stamina apart from that it is also capable of mind controls, self-repairing and the list never ends.

Talking about his battle with Thanos, in the Marvel Comics episode of ‘Thanos Triumphant’ when arsenal absorbed all the energies of infinity stones but Ultron takes over Arenal’s body to get all the energies of stones and destroys the mad Titan Thanos with ease.

Now Ultron may not help in defeating Thanos, but it will be a perfect villain for Avengers 6, with a scene like that mentioned above. (We hope they make all the stars renews their contracts)

5) Doctor Strange

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

No doubt that infinity stones are the most powerful force in the Marvel Universe which is currently possessed by mad titan Thanos. But with magic and the right strategy, Dr. Strange could easily overpower him. Described as the “mightiest magician in the cosmos” and “more powerful by far than any of your fellow humanoids” he also holds the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

Looking at his abilities in the first movies plus the added experience in infinity war, Dr. Strange surely has got an edge over Thanos. He had a plan, and if that plan worked, Dr. Strange will defeat Thanos

6) Drax the Destroyer


Superheroes Who Can Defeat ThanosWell, we all know that nebula is after Thanos but she is not the only one from The Guardians of the Galaxy and Drax the Destroyer is also one of the biggest enemies of him. In the events of Guardians of Galaxy Drax comes to know that his wife and daughter were killed by the men of Thanos and now he is eager to avenge his family.

Drax the Destroyer was made by Thanos’s Father to defeat the Mad Titan, thus Drax the Destroyer was born. The only purpose of Drax was to kill the Mad Titan. Talking about their clash in Marvel comics once in a clash Drax used his telepathic powers to sense and tracked Thanos through the galaxy and Drax drove his fist through Thanos’s chest and once again it was his ego that proved to be his downfall.

Though in MCU he is not that powerful, or maybe not shown that powerful, but if Doctor Strange comes back to life, everyone will, and maybe we can see Drax in his full potential and power, and he may end up killing Thanos.

7) Adam Warlock

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

Adam is a creation of Stan Lee, talking about his origin Scientists on earth created an artificial human who would be perfect by all means. After having conflicts with his creators and a brawl with Thor, Adams lefts earth and travels into space. There he meets many powerful entities and gets to Know about his real powers.

Teaming up with Drax the Destroyer and Silver Surfer he defeats Thanos and obtains his Gauntlet. Talking about his powers Adam is equipped with superhuman strength, stamina, and agility, he is also capable of energy manipulation, matter manipulation and possesses mystic powers as well.

And in MCU, there was the scene in GOTG 2 (ending) in which Aisha the creator of Adam Warlock, teased the womb of Adam. So maybe will see Adam Warlock in Coming MCU Films, but probably not Avengers 4.

8) Odin Borson

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

Odin, the former ruler of Asgard and father of Mighty Thor is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel comics. There has been only one instance when they have come up against each other and obviously, Odin emerged as the winner.

This Asgardian is also known as the god of wisdom and intelligence is his biggest asset that takes him a step ahead of Thanos. Apart from that he also possesses some amazing supernatural powers known as Odin Force, time traveling, realty manipulating. He could even transport an entire alien race to other dimensions.

9) Jean Grey

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

Jean is also a creation of Stan Lee and a well-known mutant who also appeared in many movies of X-men series. Jean Grey is an Omega-level mutant but it is the phoenix force that makes her the most powerful mutant of all time.

Telepathy, Telekinesis, cosmic abilities, and time control are her prime weapons. She can easily bond with any mortal being she wants and it would be really difficult for Thanos to beat her.

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10) Franklin Richards

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

After a lady superhero now it’s the turn for a child superhero who could easily defeat Thanos. Franklin is a beyond Omega-level mutant, being the son of superheroes like Mr. Fantastic and Invisible woman Franklin is also regarded as the most powerful mutant of Marvel Universe.

His abilities of reality Manipulating, psionic powers, cosmic powers makes him much more superior than Thanos. In addition to his powers, he is also considered as immortal and this mutant once created his own universe.

11) Dormammu

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

We have already seen his powers in recently released Marvel’s movie Doctor Strange. Being the ruler of Dark Dimension he is one of the most powerful known mystical entities in MCU. Doctor Strange acknowledged him as his “most terrible foe” and a threat to the life of the universe itself.

Fighting him will prove deadly for Thanos as he is the god of his own dimension and according to Marvel comics, Dormammu is so powerful that he has been defeated only once by Sorcerer Supreme when he trapped him in his own dimension so that he could never reach the earth.

12) Vulcan

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

Most of you might not have heard about this character but Vulcan is one of the biggest villains of Marvel’s X-men series. He first appeared in X-Men: Deadly Genesis. Vulcan was raised in the Shi’ar empire and then sent to earth to become the slave of Erik the Red but he escaped from his imprisonment with almost no memory of who he was and from where he has come.

Vulcan is an Omega level mutant with so much powers and abilities. Some of his prime abilities are energy controlling and manipulation, he can fly with the speed of light, can track energy signatures from thousands of mile away, he can control seven elements (fire, earth, electricity, wind, water, darkness, and light).

Defeating Thanos doesn’t look like a difficult task for him as using his ability of energy controlling he can use Thanos’s infinity stones against him and apart from that Thanos’s all kind of powers will be effectless in front of him as can easily manipulate all of them.

13) Squirrel Girl

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

Squirrel girl would be unknown to many of you but she can’t be ignored just because of that. The Squirrel Girl has defeated almost every big villains in MCU that you guys have ever heard of. Writer Will Murray is credited for her creation in the comics as he wanted to create a light-hearted superhero.

Coming back to the point how she can defeat Thanos? Well, she already did in the Marvel Comics but how she did that isn’t clearly described in the comics. But what we can read in this picture is that she easily defeated this Mad Titan single-handedly.

14) Beyonder

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

Beyonder was created as the ultimate thing ever, the Beyonder fulfilled everything he desired. One could estimate the height of his power as Beyonder gave everything that existed a few hours to continue existing before he wiped everything out.

Death was erased from existence, causing things to simply stop dying.

And, despite the fact that Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet was the Lord of everything in the Marvel Multiverse, the Beyonder is one of the superheroes who can defeat him. How?

Because Pre-Retcon Beyonder was everything outside the Marvel Multiverse. He was a scientist, and the Multiverse was a cell under his microscope. He was so much more powerful than anything anyone of you could imagine.

15) Sentry

Superheroes Who Can Defeat ThanosThe list of Powers and abilities that Sentry possess is Superhuman Strength, Speed & Stamina, Healing Factor. Light Manipulation, Nigh-Invulnerability Flight Enhanced senses Matter Transmutation, and Intangibility.

The Sentry is a very predictable character, but he has beaten many powerful characters like Galactus and the Molecule Man, easily overloaded the Absorbing Man, and he is also said to possess the power of a million exploding suns.

So, Sentry on one of his good days, and Thanos on a very bad day.

16) Dr. Doom

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

“Family is the most important thing and I have been a bad father. I have failed my people, my son, my country. I’ve gone too far. In my quest for power, I’ve destroyed many lives. I’ve dissolved the sacred bond of family time and time again. No more! My misdeeds are many, but I’ll not let their enormity hold me back. This inversion has helped me to realize things about myself I’ve never dared ponder. It’s opened up a whole new area of my consciousness. I will make everything right”. This is the history of this one of the most powerful villains Dr. Doom

Actually, Dr. Doom doesn’t possess any sort of superpowers like other Marvel characters but just like Tony Stark he is also a master in making machines but he has greater technologies then Stark.

Some of his main abilities include Superhuman Strength and immunity to all kind of damage, energy absorption, a built-in arsenal of High-Tech Weapons and Gadgets.

Once in a face-off with Thanos, he punched him in his chest grabbed his spine even ripped his skeleton from his body.

17) Galactus

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

Currently ranked as the most powerful villain in Marvel comics. Originally a cosmic entity he used to consume planets to sustain his life force. Galactus is also the only survivor of the universe existing before the big bang.

This character has already been featured in Marvel’s ‘Fantastic four series’. He is the most powerful villain in Marvel comics and even characters like Thanos have no chance to stand in front of him.

18) Matthew Malloy

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

We know some the most powerful x-men characters like Jean Gray and Franklin Richard but believe us this Mutant Matthew Malloy is way more powerful than all them.

As a child, he accidentally killed his parents and relatives, Charles Xavier knew this mutant from his initial days, he was the largest mutant source Cerebro has ever registered.

Xavier erased all his previous memories and put a blockage on his powers so that he could live a normal life. But as he grew older the blockage also faded away.

Talking about his powers Malloy is an omega level mutant who can manipulate reality at his will. Some of his powers are Telepathy, Catatonic Explosions, Telekinesis, Matter Manipulation, and Teleportation. Looking at his powers he can be a serious threat for Thanos.

19) Molecule Man

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

Given that Marvel Universe has many matter and manipulators what makes Molecule Man different and so powerful than others?

Well, all the other characters who possess these powers like Iron Man, Dark Pheonix and other are on the very basic level of this power, for example, most of them can manipulate only one or two things but what Molecule man can do is beyond our imaginations.

He can “turn sunshine into puppies”, this makes him next to god and defeating Thanos is not even a task for him. He can just manipulate Thanos’s body in anything he wants.

20) Misstress Death

Superheroes Who Can Defeat Thanos

In our view, Death is the reason for most of the destruction on the earth. Yes, the character infamous for her romantic relationships with Thanos and Deadpool.

When Thanos proposed she rejected the proposal straight away and said that she will only accept him when he will become a supreme destroyer and this is what led Thanos to do all destruction in the universe.

Miss Death is just the opposite of what the Eternity is, as he embodies life and growth while Miss Death embodies decay and destruction.

Being the love interest of Mad Titan, she knows all his secrets and weakness. She could betray him any day and defeat him at her will.

So, guys, this was the list of Top 20 Superheroes who can Defeat Thanos. I hope you guys liked our post. Do let us know what you think in the comments below! Also, let us know if we missed anyone who is powerful enough to Kill Thanos? We will surely try to add him/her in the next update.

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