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Top 20 Marvel Superheroes Who Can Kill Thanos in Seconds

https://youtu.be/VQIpbAYiJdwSo, Infinity War is here, and it's awesome! It showed us the entirely different Origin of Thanos, he is sentimental and caring, but he...

Why Marvel changed Thanos MCU origin story for Infinity war?

The most awaited film of this year Avengers Infinity War is out now and its breaking all the records. As we know that the Thanos...

Bast Panther God: All movie references, powers and back story

All of you have heard the name 'Bast' in the Marvel movies and especially in the recently released movie Black Panther. But who is...

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown, All Spoilers and Ester Eggs you...

Finally, the wait is over as the most awaited trailer of Avengers Infinity War has been released and with this trailer, the battle to...

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