‘Talk Shop’ a new talk show that highlights the hero-makers of our country


Are you guys bored of watching same age-old concept of interviews and Chat shows where we always get see a Bollywood star promoting his or her film? But today we bring you a new content rich coffee show ‘Talk Shop’ that will surely redefine your definition of chat shows.

Talk Shop is made under India Film Project the Asia’s largest film-making challenge, with a community of 6 lac film-makers across the globe. This new initiative is an aim to highlight not the heroes, but the hero-makers of our country. In a country celebrating cinema, where we praise our movie stars, much has not been said about the person who puts in his sweat to make a film happen.

Talk Shop

The show is aired on the Youtube, therefore, it has eliminated the time-related problems that we face on other such shows. Some other appreciable features of this show are following:

  • The Web-Shows caters to the audience at his/her choice of time
  • The age old PrimeTime slot issue getting vanished naturally & gradually
  • FB & Whatsapp making people Video Savvy
  • The data availability, no more being a big issue
  • The audience’s acceptance to alternate platforms, and
  • The positive change that Indian entertainment industry is going through, we have come up with our own show.

Every Friday at 4 pm one cool & curious conversation over a coffee will be aired. The first episode that featured Raees fame National award winning director Rahul Dholakia has got a tremendous response and now the second episodes feature the famous ‘Udta Punjab’ director Abhishek Chaubey. 

Watch the teaser of this upcoming episode below;

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