Shooting for Avengers 4 wrapped up with a huge Thanos Cake

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After the whopping success of Avengers Infinity War Trailer, fans are eagerly waiting to watch the film. As we all know that there are still many days left in the release of the film but today we have brought another interesting update for the film. Avengers Infinity War is yet to be released but the production of untitled Avengers-4 has already wrapped up. Russo brothers and the team celebrated this occasion with a huge Thanos Cake.

Thanos Cake

thanos cake

The picture of this cake was shared on Russo brother’s official Instagram page where the mad titan could be seen holding two infinity stones in both hands. Several hands are holding this galactic slab of ice cake one of which is completely recognizable as Black Widow’s hands but the brown hand on the left side of the cake is unrecognizable. At the bottom of the cake, there are the symbols of the key members of the Avengers which are Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and many other.

With Avengers 4 the third phase of Avengers is also about to end and everything after that will be counted in phase 4. The makers have already indicated that their one or two main characters might exit after Avengers 4. So, the excitement to watch all of our favorite MCU characters fighting against the biggest villain of Marvel universe ‘Thanos’ can’t be controlled.

Here are some other leaked footages from the set

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