6 Things That Turn Guys Off…Girls, You Should Know About

things that turn guys off
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Is dating is not easy at all? There are so many questions that occur in mind when you date someone. Questions like How much of yourself should you reveal? How long can you keep up being your best self? How honest should you be? keeps rotating in our mind. Girls got very much attract in the relationship. And sometimes they didn’t know they are actually turning a guy off. So here are 6 Things That Turn Guys Off….Girls, You Should Know About.

6 Things That Turn Guys Off

things that turn guys off1. Discussing ex-boyfriends

Discussing your ex is never going to win any favor with your guy. In fact, it will somehow end up fighting. Never talk about your past stories with your ex-boyfriend. He is not gonna like it at all. He will be shocked when he finds out that you still discussing your past relationships in front of him. This will make him think that either your current relationship has got flaws, or you are unable to get the ex-guy out of your mind.

2. Immature attitude

When you start acting like an immature like – Frequent crying, swearing, and annoying laughter you will turn a guy off. A crying girl fails to sexually arouse her guy and thus, he becomes less attracted towards her.

3. Excessive Obsession –Things That Turn Guys Off

85% of girls got obsessed with the guy they are dating. This puts excessive obsession over him on the list of turn offs for guys. Men also hate when girls get obsessed with them and demand for suddenly living together under the same roof and getting married.

things that turn guys off


4. Strong Personality

A guy admires a strong personality and a girl with a good reputation. But when he finds that the girl he is dating does not stick for long to a single man, he will leave.

5 Tips for Healthy Relationship – How To Make A Relation Work

things that turn guys off


5. Poor Conversation 

Poor conversation can also turn off a guy. When you are in relation it’s important to have a conversation more than an hour. Always ask about happenings, goings and further… It will help you to understand that what your partner is planning to do in future. Through this, you can build understanding in a relationship.

things that turn guys off


6. Texting And Messaging All Day 

You don’t need to talk all day. It always better to talk by taking gaps. Talking all day, texting in every 10 or 15 mints can make you guy irritating. Girls, you better control your self from texting to make your guy stay in relation for long.

These were the 6 Things That Turn Guys Off, which you can improve if you are facing one of them. By improving this you can actually make a guy stay long enough.

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