8 Things you don’t Know about Venom Movie! [Big Surprises]

Things you don't Know about Venom Movie,
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The third trailer for Marvel’s much-awaited film ‘Venom’ has been released and this trailer has left us with so many questions like What is symbiote? Who is Riot? How many symbiotes are there in the trailer? and many others. So, in this post, we are going to answer all the Things you don’t Know about Venom Movie.

But before proceeding to them let us give you a brief introduction of Venom and its origin.

Who is Venom?

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieSo, the character Venom was first introduced in the 2007 Spider-Man in which a fellow photographer (Eddie Brock) whom Peter Parker exposes as a cheater becomes infected with a sentient alien virus (Symbiote).

This alien bonds with their hosts, creating a symbiotic bond through which a single entity is created. They also are able to slightly alter their host’s personality by making them more violent and capable of killing someone. The infected person now lives a dual life and that new dual-life form usually refers to itself as “Venom”.

Origin of Symbiote

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieSymbiotes are the benevolent aliens who have originated from a planet of the same name. They call themselves The Klyntar and they believe in helping others by providing them the superhuman strength.

They do so by bonding with someone and enhancing their powers. But they become destructive parasites when they come into contact with corrupt hosts.

Peter Parker was the first victim of these corrupted Symbiotes but later he removed it from his body using the sonic blaster. These aliens eventually went to Eddie Brock and turned him into the evil monster.

The Other Symbiotes

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieWe already saw in this new trailer that there are some other symbiotes as well in the film. But who are they? Where they came from?

Well, according to the comics before bonding with Eddie Brock this evil Symbiote spawned 6 of its own kind. But we will get to watch only five of them in the film which are Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

Who is Riot aka Carlton Drake

Things you don't Know about Venom Movie,

Riot played by Riz Ahmed is one of those five symbiotes which got spawned from Venom due to various experiments by Carlton Drake. This parasite is the main villain in the film who serves his agent Carlton.

The trailer flashes out the main motives of Carlton who thinks that the world is on the brink of extinction and he is the one who could stop by using these symbiotes.

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieUnlike other symbiotes, Riot keeps on changing his hosts in order to fulfill his desires. Riot has superpowers of Spider-man but in more enhanced form. He has the ability to heal all wounds and to resize in any form.

However like other symbiotes Riot also has some weakness. It can’t survive while being separated from the host for a long time and it is also vulnerable to sonic weapons and fire.

Introduction of Other Symbiotes

1) Scream

Things you don't Know about Venom Movie,

Played by Michelle Lee she is a woman symbiote. There are very fewer details about her backstory. She has very long tendril hair that she uses as a weapon, to wrap, tangle and choke her enemies.

2) Lasher

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieRamon Hernandez the security officer at the life foundation of symbiote experiment got infected with this symbiote. He can create tentacles on his body and uses them like tendrils.

3) Phage

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieCarl March a mercenary became the host for Phage. He could tear-off pieces of his own suit and use them against enemies.

4) Agony

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieAnother female Symbiote who can use her own skin as an acidic weapon that could burn through most substances. She has the ability to absorb chemicals and Spider-Man’s webs have no effect on her.

Comparison and Awesomeness

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieWe saw venom in the 1st Spiderman Trilogy by sony, but that venom was not like the comics and was more like a human size, though Venom is meant to be that big monster like Hulk, and in this movie, we are going to see that.

Scenes and Bits from Comics

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieIn comics, Venom Symbiotes talks to their host by moving their head out of the Hosts body, and they have a different voice and intelligence. This iconic comic moment is in the movie a the new Trailer shows us, we have to see how many times will this happen, and what else venom can do.

Future Plans of Venom

Things You probably dont know about Venom movieThere is a chance that, we may see Carnage at the end of the movie, like in the comics Carnage is made using the Venom symbiote itself, and there is a chance that, in the climax scene, when Venom and Riot are Fighting, few of their parts bonded with each other and made Carnage.

As the carnage resembles Riot and Venom. Carnage is a riot like Symbiote, who can make any weapon he wants, with this hands, more like the Riot Symbiote, The Axes.

So, maybe they will tease carnage for the next movie. I hope they Do!

So, that’s it for this postWe hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let us know if we missed any question that you guys want to get answered.

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