Thor’s New Hammer, Stormbreaker: Everything you need to know


People are getting confused whether the leaked pics of Thor’s new weapon is Stormbreaker or Jarnbjorn. So, before clearing this speculation let me give you guys a brief introduction of Jarnbjorn.

Jarnbjorn is an axe like weapon that was used by Thor before he became worthy for Mjolnir. In the 9th century, Thor made many attempts to lift Mjolnir but failed again and again so instead of that he used Jarnbjorn as his regular weapon.

Jarnbjorn is easily one of the Sharpest weapons on earth that is capable of cutting virtually everything. This weapon can be used to defend against any attack and it can also burst the energies like Apocalypse’s optic beam. Apart from that because of Thor’s own enchantment with his own blood, Jarnbjorn can pierce the armour of Celestials as well.

Comparison between Jarnborn and Stormbreaker

We have already told you guys that Jarnborn is an axe while Stormbreaker’s one side looks like a hammer while other resembles an axe. So, they both look completely different from each other.

Why is this toy not Jarnborn?

The photos of the toy of Thor with his new hammer is creating a lot of buzze. This mysterious weapon resembles many weapons used by Thor in the comics. But according to us, the weapon that we will see in the Avengers Infinity War is a mix up of Both Mjolnir and Jarnborn which given the name of Stormbreaker.

All of us know that Thor lost his iconic hammer in the fight with her sister Hela in the last year’s release Thor Ragnarok. Since then many rumours of how Thor will get his hammer back has been making rounds in the Hollywood. But clearing all speculations finally a post shared by Reddit gave us the first look of Thor’s New Hammer in Avengers: Infinity War. Have a look.


Thor new Hammer Stormbreaker

A toy of Thor with his new hammer has been revealed a few day ago. This toy gives the best possible look at what we will get to see in Infinity War. The appearance of this hammer is very different from the Mjolnir. One side of it looks like an axe and other looks like a hammer with a very long wooden handle. This new hammer is also known as the Stormbreaker.

Fans around the world are going crazy over this new Hammer. People are really excited to know its powers and the abilities. Well, we have brought the best available information about this new hammer ‘Stormbreaker’.

Origin of Stormbreaker

Thor new Hammer StormbreakerBeta Ray Bill a very powerful MCU character defeated Thor in a fight to get his Mjolnir. But as soon he defeated him he realizes that Thor is the real worth of this hammer and not him. So, he refused to accept or take that from Thor and after that Odin gives him a similar kind of weapon (Stormbreaker) as a reward because he has won the battle against Thor. This weapon was built by dwarf blacksmiths by using the same kind of metal with which Thor’s hammer was made.

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But how Thor got Stormbreaker from Beta Ray Bill is a real mystery. There’s a very little chance of showing the lengthy history of this new weapon in the Avengers: Infinity War. As the initial footages that we have of Stormbreaker are quite different from the comic version.

Click here to get another close look at Thor’s new hammer Strombreaker.

It looks like that the Stormbreaker we will get to see in the Infinity War is an ultimate or a modified Mjolnir. Some other theories about this mysterious hammer of Thor are also available on the internet.

Thor new Hammer StormbreakerOne Such theory is that looking at the primitive toy images of Stormbreaker it has a long handle with a leaf on it and it looks like to be made from Groot’s body. As in the trailer we have seen Thor is in the spaceship of Guardians of Galaxy so the Groot might have helped him to rebuild his Hammer which is being named as Stormbreaker.

So, guys, that’s all from our side for this post of Thor’s new hammer Stormbreaker. I hope you guys liked our post.

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