How to keep your Smartphone Safe from Hackers [Simple Tips]

How to keep your Smartphone Safe
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Smartphones are the most basic thing in the world right now and the most vulnerable ones. They can get easily affected by Malware, Ransomware, Viruses etc. There are also other people who may try to get into your phone and steal your personal info, in most cases you Bank Details. So How to keep your Smartphone Safe from Hackers??? I will tell you some basic tips by which you can save your data from Malware, Viruses, and Hackers etc. So let’s get started.

First of all, let’s take a look at why will hackers hack your smartphone

Why Smartphones get Hacked

How to keep your Smartphone Safe

  • He will get access to your E-Mail account, through which he can get access to all your social accounts like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc, via password resets.
  • He can track your, GPS location all the time and can check your call details, messages etc.
  • He can check which sites you surf, what you search, he can get into your online shopping portals and steal your bank details.
  • A hacker can probably do much more to you. Take a look how can he get into your phone.

How Smartphones gets Hacked

How to keep your Smartphone Safe

  • People leave their smartphones at a restaurant or a hotel, by which it can get in the hands of a hacker.
  • Hacker can install an app on your device with a Trojan Backdoor and make it hidden, through which he can access the Files on your Smartphone wirelessly.
  • He can E-mail you a malicious link by which he can threaten you to give money or information.
  • If you connect to an unprotected WiFi, there are chances that someone may track you, and read everything you surf and do on your smartphone, via Man in the Middle attack.

So, these were some of the methods, by which a hacker can get into your phone. There can be much more who knows. So what can you do to prevent them? Check it out.

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Hackers

How to keep your Smartphone Safe

  • Use Strong Passwords: Using random and strong passwords can save you from getting hacked, Most of the people uses some basic thing as their password, like there Phone Numbers, Date of Birth, Girlfriend’s Name etc. Stop using these, they are common and can get you hacked, so try to use difficult passwords and use different passwords for different passwords for different accounts. So, this was the first tip on How to keep your Smartphone Safe from Hackers. Check out next one.
  • Monitor your Internet Usage: If your smartphone is hacked then your phone must be using a lot of internet. As these hacking apps need internet to send the logs to host servers.
  • Check for any Unknown App: If you think your Smartphone is compromised, you should check for any unknown app installed on your device, if you see any, just Un-Install it immediately. Don’t install any untrusted application from any untrusted store, or website, as they may contain a backdoor, and you may get hacked.
  • Install an Anti-Virus: Though it’s difficult to make an android infected by a virus, still you can install an antivirus app to make sure there isn’t any malware on your device, or you can scan for any suspicious file and uninstall them.

If still, you think you have been compromised, take a backup of your important data and Factory Reset your device.

So, these were some of the tips that can help you solve the problem of ‘How to keep your Smartphone Safe from Hackers‘. So, Let us know through a comment, that if we are able to help or not.

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