10 Movies to watch in Depression that will Instantly make you Happy

Without wasting any time, let’s jump straight into the article where we will tell you Top 10 movies to watch in depression.

1) Silver Linings Playbook

movies to watch in depression

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence starer Silver Lining is one of the best movies that one could watch to feel well while suffering from depression. This film is about a teacher suffering from bipolar disorder who wants to win back his estranged wife but life gets more challenging when he meets a widow Tiffany (Jennifer).

2) Life of Pi

movies to watch in depression

Life of Pi is one of my favorites movies that I was in my sad days. The movie makes you determined to move in life no matter what has happened, time will heal your every wound. Pi, an Indian boy lost his family in a sea disaster. Now he is in mid of the Pacific Ocean with one of the tigers from his zoo, how he survives in this journey will surely change you views toward life.

3) Lost in Translation

movies to watch in depression

This movie is especially for those who find themselves neglected and faded in life. Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) a failed movie star is suffering from same in her life but how she revives all these is a must watch. She also won best actress award for her incredible performance in the film.

4) Pride and Prejudice

movies to watch in depression

For all those who have had a hard time in their love life, this movie is a must watch. It’s the story of a beautiful lady Elizabeth who meets a single, rich and handsome man Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy starts falling for this lady who is not of his class. How they both overcome their own pride and Prejudice is a must watch.

5) Little Miss Sunshine

movies to watch in depression

It is a comedy-drama film that will tickle your bones while teaching many serious lessons of life. It’s a story about a family where every member is fighting his or her own fights in life but how one objective change their life completely is a must watch. The movie was also nominated for academy awards.

6) It’s Kind of a Funny Story

movies to watch in depression

Teenagers this one is for you guys. This movie is about a teenager who is depressed due to the pressure from school and home to do well in studies. He even attempts to suicide but later he decides to seek help from doctors and decides to stay there for a week and there he finds another guy who changes him inside out and gives him new positivities in life.

7) Inside Out

movies to watch in depression

I didn’t watch it for many as I don’t like animated movies but when I watched it completely changed my perception of animated movies. Now I recommend all of you to watch this one and guys will and these animated characters will teach you such lessons in life that you will never get from the real world.

8) The Perks of Being a Wallflower

movies to watch in depression

I will start it with do you guys know what is a wallflower? Well most of us were a wallflower in our school days. Confused? Watch this film to know what I mean by saying this. The movie acknowledges bullies, depression, bad influences, and girls.

9) Good Will Hunting

movies to watch in depression

Even those whom you thought are having best of their life has also suffered depression at some point in their life. This film is about a gifted mathematics student who knows how to solve maths problems but not the problems of real life.

10) Amélie

movies to watch in depression

Amelie is the story of a young girl who hasn’t been exposed to the cruelty of real world by her parents. This leads her to create her own imaginary world dreaming about love and beauty.

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