UPDATED: How to get these Top 7 Android O Features on Any Android Device

Android O Features on Any Android Device


1) Music Recognition as seen in the New Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 has a very interesting feature call music recognition, which recognizes any song playing near you without even turning the screen on. A similar feature is now rolling out via Google Assistant. This feature is currently being rolled in some major countries, US and Canada included.

Android O features on any Android
via Android Police

So to use this feature you just have to update your Google App to the latest version and call Google Assistant and ask about the song playing near you. Make sure you set your region and language to ‘US’ for now.


Every year Google releases a new version of their Software called Android, which we all love and use because of its ease of access, customisable UI, Fast and Fluid performance. But whenever new Android version releases, there are many smartphones that don’t get the latest update. But with some minor adjustments, you can get the latest Android features on your device. So in this article, you will learn how to install Top 7 Android O Features on Any Android Device. So, Let’s get started

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Note: Your phone should be running Android Lollipop or higher to enjoy these features

Android O Features on Any Android Device

Let’s start off the wallpapers

2) Android O Wallpapers App

Android O Features on Any Android DeviceThe latest Google Pixel Launcher comes with the custom wallpapers app, made by Google, you just have to install it from play store and get going. This app contains several beautiful wallpapers, sceneries, landscapes and much more, also there is an option of auto download, which will change the wallpaper every day so that you don’t get bored of your wallpaper.

You can Download the app via the links Given Below


3) Android O Launcher

Android O Features on Any Android DeviceThis is the main step towards making your phone look like Android O. You can always Download Pixel launcher, but it limits the features as if you don’t have Android O. Other than that, you can Download Nova Launcher from Playstore or Directly from here.

You can easily set it up as you like, and to set it up as Pixel Style, you just have to follow the steps written, when you first open the Nova Launcher.

There are many other launchers on play store, which offers the Android O experience like Action Launcher, Apex Launcher, etc you can choose between them, but we recommend Nova Launcher.

Download Nova Launcher

4) Android O Icons

Android O Features on Any Android DeviceNow after setting up the launcher, you have to get the Android O icon Design, the round ones! Download the app from the link below and apply it from Nova Setting to get the icons.

Note: This icon pack was the best pack with similar icons at the time writing this post.

Download Icon Pack from Play Store

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5) Notification Dots

Android O Features on Any Android DeviceThe next big thing introduced with the Launch of Android O was Notification Dots. Though it’s nothing too great or must have thing, it’s a new feature so why not get that. As the new update in Nove launcher, you can set up the Notification Dots in Nova Settings. If you are unable to find the settings see the setting below.

Nova Settings –> Notification badges –> Dots

You can set up the notification dots as you like, there are many modes available.

6) Picture In Picture Mode

Android O Features on Any Android Device Android O Features on Any Android Device

As per Google, this was the most wanted feature of Android from a long time, to this you have to download an app called OG Youtube, from the link below. This app allows you to minimise your video while you can do other tasks. This app also has tons of other features like In-App Mp3 Download, Audio Only Mode and more…explore it yourself.

You can download the OG Youtube from the link given below.

Note: This app is not available in the play store, you have to download and update it manually. Development of this app is now stopped, this is the last version.

Download OG Youtube

Download MicroG

Till now your phone should be looking like Android O, you can settle with that if you want, but you can go one last step further to get the exact theme.

7) Android O Substratum Theme

This will be the last thing to get Android O Features on any Android. After this, your phone will exactly look like Android O. But this step requires a Rooted Smartphone. It’s time to install a substratum theme. Substratum is an Android Theming Engine, which is used to theme your device as you like it.

You have to download Substratum Theme Engine and Android O Substratum Theme (Paid) from Play Store (Links Below) in order to continue. You can also download the theme offline via Google. If you know what I mean!

After downloading the apps you just have to apply the theme via substratum, and you are good to go.

Download Substratum

Download Android O Substratum Theme (Paid)

You have your Android device looking like the latest Android Oreo. So, that was the tutorials about the Top 7 Android O Features on Any Android Device, what do you think about it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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