5 All Time Best Gadgets to Buy under 500Rs in India

Top Tech Under 500Rs
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Ever wondered what a 500Rs note can do for you. Surely in today’s world 500Rs seem less, but still, there is something you can do with them. Have you ever wondered what tech you can buy in those 500Rs? In this article, you’ll get to know the top Tech under 500Rs that you can buy in India. So let’s get started.

Tech under 500Rs in India

There are scenarios when you have to buy Gifts for your loved ones, and you cant think of anything that is affordable enough and useful enough and it takes a lot of time to find the perfect gift for someone you love, So we decided to make a list of Gadgets under 500 Rs that you can buy for yourself or Gift Someone. Do Comment if you find this article helpful and share it with your friends.

Do you think something is missing that can be a great gift, Message us or comment below, we will add it!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Top Tech Under 500RsEverybody likes listening to music while taking a shower, I do though! This Bluetooth speakers are one of the best things you can buy, they are portable, stylish, sturdy with a good built quality.

It comes with 5 Buttons and a suction cap, which allows you to stick it on a wall, or a mirror.  In addition to playing music and streaming audio, you can also answer your calls from the comfort of your bath/shower.

The speaker will ring upon receiving an incoming phone call, when the call is answered the audio will fade out and when the call has ended the audio will resume playing where it left off.

It has a 400mAh battery which can give you a backup of around 6 Hours.

This can be the Best gifts under 500 Rs which you can buy from Amazon (Link Below)

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Laptop Cooling Pad

Top Tech Under 500RsAlmost everyone uses Laptop these days, buy most of the people use it on their lap, or on their bed, by which the Laptop starts to heat, and eventually lags.

Also, the heat is dangerous for our body parts as well. If you encounter this issue a lot then this product is for you. This Laptop Cooling Pad comes with a built-in powerful fan (noiseless) for easy thermal heat dissipation.

It is designed to protect your laptop and notebook PC from overheat.

You can buy this cool gadget under 500 Rs from the link given below

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Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier

Top Tech Under 500RsThis is an optimal gadget for those who like to watch videos on their smartphones. This device will magnify your screen and display your video, 2-5X larger. Some of the features of this gadget are:

  • Magnification: It makes each mobile phone has large screen clear movies like Reduce eye fatigue of movies and television.
  • Simple, elegant, lightweight, small size and easy to carry, suitable for use in various occasions and suitable for all kinds of mobile phone.
  • Folding design, lightweight, simple appearance makes it very portable and attractive

You can buy this Gadgets under 500Rs from the link below.

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Multi USB Charger

Top Tech Under 500RsMany of you may have experienced the pain of charging multiple smartphones at the same time. Then this product is for you, with this you can charge up to 3 devices at the same time.

With the combined power of 3.4A, this device can act as a fast charger and charge your device significantly fast. If you want to buy this gadget, you can buy this from the link below.

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Now it’s time for some fashion accessories related to tech, that can come handy for Youtubers, Bloggers and normal people too.

Coffee Mug (Camera Lens)

Top Tech Under 500RsIf you get this, it can get the shit out of everyone (especially a Photographer). This mug comes in a shape of a camera lens, which is fairly accurate in terms of looks, you can’t differentiate between the real one and the fake one.

It has a Cup lid with a sipping hole with a Stainless steel interior for preventing odors in your beverages

You can buy this cup from the link given below

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So these were Top 5 Tech Under 500Rs that you can buy in India, what do you think about it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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