UC Browser pulled off from Google Play Store, Why should you Care?

UC Browser pulled off, UC Browser banned
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You all may know what UC browser is, you may have used it or probably using it now and may have heard the new of UC browser pulled off from the Google Play store. So, what’s that all about and why should you care about it. Read below to know better.

UC Browser is one of the most used web browsers in the world, and in India, there user base is around 100 million and that is a pretty big number, and after so many downloads why Google Play Store suddenly removed it?

The reason was that UC Browser was suspected to send Indian user info remotely to there China servers, and Indian Government took this case and looked into the info.

“Complaints have been received against UC Browser that it sends mobile data of Indian users to servers in China. The matter is being looked into,” the official said.

When asked UC Web stated that they take security and privacy very seriously and they clarified that they have servers in China and many other parts in the world, but we will not breach the trust of our users.

“At UC Web, we take security and privacy very seriously and work hard to comply with local regulations of each region we operate in… We have strong measures in place to encrypt the data while we transmit it,”.

UC Browser pulled off, UC Browser banned

The ministry of officials said that there are fears that UC stole information even when the app is deleted from the device.

“There are complaints that even if a user has uninstalled it or cleaned browsing data, the browser retains control of DNS of users device,” the official said.

Now after Google removed the app from Play Store, UC Web is stating that UC browser pulled off for maintenance and will be back shortly. Though this seems right as UC Browser Mini is still available on the Store.

Though there is no confirmation from Google that is it deleted because of security violations or it was UC Web that deleted it for maintenance. Whatever the reason is, we think there is something more, that we will get to see in some days.

If you are currently using UC Browser, you should uninstall it immediately and wait for the official statement by the official or Google, keep checking this article for the latest updates.

We will keep you guys updated and will update this article as soon we get an update. Till then stay safe, and tell us what was your reaction when UC Browser pulled off from play store.

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Source: TOI

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