UNIndian Brett Lee win hearts in bollywood debut


UnIndian CAST: Brett Lee, Supriya Pathak, Akash Khurana, Arka Das, Gulshan Grover, Pallavi Sharda
DIRECTION: Anupam Sharma
GENRE: Comedy
DURATION: 1 hour 42 minutes


UnIndian is a very cute love story of an Aussie teacher who falls in love with an Indian origin single parent, based in Sydney. But will her family except this ‘UnIndian’ match and how east and west will meet?


Anupam Sharma has beautifully carved this story based on cross-cultural relationships. The film starts with Meera (Tannishtha Chatterjee) a single mother who is living a happy life with her daughter. Her very Indian parent is pressuring her to get married again. On the other hand, Will is an Aussie English instructor who is a bit unsatisfied with his single life. Will gets attracted toward Meera and always tries to get around her. while her mother remains busy in finding a handsome Indian doctor to tie her not with, Meera too gets fascinated with the will.

This breezy love story looks very realistic, as everything in this movie has been kept very simple. Brett Lee who is debuting in Bollywood with this movie is also the main star attraction in the film. He is definitely going to win millions of heart through his honest performance.

Tannishtha also impresses in Meera’s character with her mature performance. TK (Arka Das) who is Lee’s friend and helps him to know about Indian community brings a nice amount of humor with his witty one-liner.

But actors like Gulshan Grover (as Meera’s first husband) and Supriya Pathak ( mother) became the victims of one directional script’s bad dialogues. Anupam failed to wisely utilize the experience of actors of such caliber.

Coming back to the story, the pace of the story drops in the second half and it somehow becomes predictable.Apart from some negatives, this movie has so many touch-points. The most memorable one is when lee recreates Salman’s kick dance moves.

overall UnIndian is a light-hearted and gleeful movie and is getting a good response from people. Go watch it for Will’s and Meera’s unique chemistry.

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