Top 10 Unknown facts about Shazam aka Captain Marvel

DC Extend Universe has been facing very hard times, again and again, they had failed to deliver the kind of movies that fans have been expecting from them. To be very honest a large percentage of fans have already lost their hopes on DC but what are their stratagem to regain the lost trust of their fans?

Well, Shazam is the one simple answer to all your queries. DC has recently released it’s much-hyped film Shazam’s trailer at San Diego Comi-con and it has been received very well by the fans. But we believe that still many of you are not much familiar with this name and its origin so, here we are going to make a list of Top 10 Unknown Facts about Shazam that you guys will love to know about.

Unknown Facts about ShazamUnknown facts about Shazam

Before proceeding to the unknown facts first, let’s talk about Shazam Origin. According to the DC comics, Billy Parker is a teenager who has lost his parents and now lives with his new (adopted) family and six siblings.

He is very arrogant and can’t tolerate any injustice around him. Once traveling in a metro Billy suddenly enters in some magical world where he meets a very old Wizard, who is looking for a ‘Good Human’ whom he could pass on his magic and powers. Billy stands on his every parameter of a ‘Good Human’ so wizard asks him to speak SHAZAM and Billy Gets transformed into a tall and very muscular man. And this was the origin of Shazam.

Some of his unknown facts are:-

1) The word SHAZAM is actually an acronym for six ancient heroes and each letter empowers with certain attributes

The wisdom of Solomon

H – The strength of Hercules

A – The stamina of Atlas

Z – The powers of Zeus

A – The courage of Achilles

M – The speed of Mercury

2) Many consider Shazam and Superman an equal level of superhero. Once in an arm wrestling contest between them both of them were evenly matched.

Unknown facts about Shazam

3) Shazam has the ability to share his powers with anyone he wants. He shared his powers with his all six siblings. So together they are called the Shazam family.

4) Once Shazam and Wonder Woman destroyed a whole universe while fighting each other.

5) Some of the major powers that Shazam posses are superhuman strength, speed, stamina and courage, invulnerability, Nigh-omnipotent mastery of magic and mysticism, Omnipresent and omniscient Telepathy.

Unknown facts about Shazam

6) But that doesn’t mean that is completely invulnerable as in many old comics he has shown vulnerable to high voltage electricity. Apart from that, he has also shown in peril to heigh powred magic that makes him very weak or sometime de-powers him.

7) Once the mighty Shazam got badly defeated by The Spectre who also happens to be one of the most powerful beings of the DC universe. He made him return back to Billy Parker by saying the word ‘SHAZAM’.

Unknown facts about Shazam

8) The Most interesting unknown facts about Shazam aka Captain Marvel is that it was not created by DC. Yes, the actual creator of this character is Fawcett. DC took Fawcett to the courts for copying their character ‘Superman’. They had a long legal war for this character before Fawcett finally decided to give up on Captain Marvel in 1972.

9)  DC wanted to destroy the character of Captain Marvel as it began to eat up all the hype and reputation of Superman. Even Captain Marvel’s comic badly defeated Superman Comics and started to gain a huge fan following among kids.

Unknown facts about Shazam

10) Meanwhile, between Fawcett shutting down the publication of Captain Marvel and DC’s eventually buying all the rights of this characters Marvel Comics was so quick to create and trademark their own ‘Captain Marvel’ in 1960. So, DC has to change to its Captain Marvel to Shazam and now both DC and Marvel are releasing their ‘Captain Marvels’ together.

So, that’s it for this post of Unknown Facts about ShazamWe hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do let us know what you think of DC’s Captain Marvel in the comments below! Also, let us know if we missed any fact that you guys want to get placed in this list? We will surely try to add it in the next update.

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