Vivo Nex is coming on June 12, spotted on Live TV first!

Vivo Nex Leak
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We all saw Vivo Apex in all its glory with the pop out selfie cam, and Vivo now perfected the design and they are launching the device on June 12 under the name Vivo Nex.

But the smartphone was spotted in action on a Chinese live TV Show, where we got a glimpse of the device and got to know how the front camera works. We also got Vivo Nex Leaked Specs and Pricing for you, but first, check the device out.

Vivo Nex Live

So you saw how the device will look like, and you may think that how good the design is and how cool the camera look, and that’s not wrong everyone is having the same thoughts including me!

Vivo Nex LeakAlso if you noticed there is no Fingerprint Sensor on the device shown in the video, that is because it is moved below the display, you can see when it when Mr. Unicorn was yelling stuff in Chinese.

Vivo Nex LeakAlso, this phone has a Headphone Jack too, so in short Vivo was preparing a Perfect smartphone, and it looks like they did it.

But What about the internals?

That is what I thought, “Enough of the Design, What beneath this beautiful design?”

and I found this, Check out

Vivo Nex Leaked Specs

  • 6.01-inch True Bezel-Less Display
  • Snapdragon 710 SoC
  • 20MP + 16MP Dual Rear Camera
  • 24MP Selfie Camera
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB storage
  • 3,320mAh Battery

Vivo Nex LeakSo, these are some of the leaked specs I got to know about the device, also there will be more than 1 device launching on June 12th. There will probably 3, Vivo Nex, Vivo S and Vivo Nex A.

How can we forget about pricing

Vivo Nex Price

Vivo Nex LeakVivo Nex is a very beautiful and innovative device with above average specs, so it is expected to have a high pricing.

Though according to the leaked pricing details Vivo Nex Series will start at 4,998 yuan~Rs.52,300 and go all the way up to 6,998 yuan~Rs.73,300.

So this is the upcoming Vivo Nex, what are your thoughts, will you buy this smartphone if it launches at this price? Tell us your thought in the comments below.

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