Want a Free Oneplus 5T before the Launch? Check out How

Free Oneplus 5T

So, its Official Oneplus 5T is coming on 16th November and there are many leaks and speculations now about how will it look and what it will have in common with Oneplus 5 and what new will be added. You can check our post below

Everything you need to know about Oneplus 5T

But the phone is going to launch on 16th November with a really interesting price. There are reports that the Oneplus 5T will be priced same as the Oneplus 5 in UK, there are no reports for other countries as of now, but if that’s true the Oneplus 5 users will set on fire (I will). Let’s wait to check that out.

How to get free Oneplus 5T

Now that is the point where you may get interested, because why pay when you can get it for free. So the thing is Oneplus started a contest called “LAB” in which they will choss 10 Winners and send them free Oneplus 5T for review before anyone gets hands-on with it.

Free Oneplus 5TYou just have to register and answer the questions ask and you are good to go.

Register Here

NOTE: Prepare some articles about the best phone you used, as the questions require some technical writing skills and some craziness.

So this was all about it. Let us know what are your thoughts about it and why do you think that you should get the free Oneplus 5T before anyone else.

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