Simple Ways to Free Space on iPhone Fast

Ways to Free Space on iPhone Fast
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With the improvement in hardware and software, Apple users are still found struggling around their onboard memory storage. Every now and then the memory gets filled because of some heavy taking a lot of storage memory or a recorded video shoot in 1080 or 4k, or your trip photos which you took in full HDR mode. So, in this section, we will be covering some effective and fast ways to free up space in your iPhone without losing any important data or feature.

With the introduction of the 32GB base model in iPhone 7, many of us were relieved as it was much better than 16GB iPhone which used to get filled up only in 2-3 apps. But even with 32GB phones model, there are people who still struggle with storage usage issue.

This section is for both the people having a 16GB or 32GB iphone or having more space but need to clear out some for other uses.

1) Optimize iPhone storage

This is by far the most effective and fast way to free up space in your iPhone without losing any file, data or app.

It is the most underrated and lesser known ways of freeing up space in your iPhone since most of us actually never tried doing this because we didn’t know what it is, how it is done, what impact it will have on our data in iPhone.

optimise iphone storage
iPhone storage before optimizing

For the people who have iCloud storage plan upgraded to at least *50gb will take the most benefit out of it. The rest can still be able to do get benefit from it but their basic iCloud storage should be empty enough.

This method is invoked by going to the


optimise iphone storage

After applying this method you can get up to 75% storage free which was occupied by all the photos and video on your iPhone.

optimise iphone storage
iPhone storage after optimizing

After this none of your photos or videos or live videos will get removed from the device rather a smaller version of each file is saved in the gallery to save the space on your iPhone.

To get the actual version of the photo you just need to go to that photo and iPhone will automatically download the photo in full resolution from the cloud. In that way, you will be having the same photos and video with more empty space now.

2) Offload Unused Apps

This is another fast way of freeing up space on your iPhone. This feature is one of the most neglected one as not many people know about it. The way offloading unused app works is very simple, easy to understand, explained below:

  • Suppose you have 2 or 3 apps which you have installed on your iPhone which you don’t use very often or you haven’t used any of them in a week or 2.
  • You may want to remove the apps to free up space on your iPhone.
  • But you are also worried as those apps have some data you didn’t want to lose.
  • Offloading apps will delete the app while saving all the data for future installation.
  • In this way, the app will be removed but the data that app had in it will be saved in the iPhone storage which will be much smaller than the app itself.

ways to free space on iphone

You can offload unused apps by going to


This method will instantly free up memory on the iPhone.

3) Delete Large Attachments From iMessage

iMessage is one of the best messenger out there which is strictly available to Apple users only. While having messaging apps like WhatsApp and telegram and many other messaging apps in the market,  iMessage has made its own unique mark in messaging app world. despite of being restricted to apple ecosystem iMessage is the most loved and favorite messaging apps when it comes to iOS users.

iMessage is the most fluent messaging app and it has some very unique features like Animojis and text effects where you can send a text with bubble effects like slam, invisible ink or screen effects like Echo, Spotlight etc. iMessage can only be sent between two iOS users only but it is no less than fun in messaging with iMessage.

it supports the sharing of all types of files and documents and you can directly send a file from FILES app on iPhone.

Text messages and large attachments can take up a lot of unnecessary space on your iPhone. all the files and pictures and texts take up memory and when in need you can easily free up a couple of hundred of mega bites in just a little bit of time by removing all the unnecessary files and images from the iMessage app itself.

ways to free space on iphone

to invoke this method you just have to follow these steps.

  1. open SETTINGS
  2. goto GENERAL
  3. then go to IPHONE STORAGE
  4. click on iMessage
  5. there you will find an option ” review large attachments”
  6. click that and select all the attachments you wish to remove from your device

4) Don’t Keep Normal Photo When HDR is on

According to the statistics from apple, an iPhone shares the biggest in market share when it comes to digital photography. millions of photos per year are taken only from iPhones.

Taking photos from iPhone is no less than delight with top of the table camera hardware and software to support it, photos taken from an iPhone are rated the best among any other smartphone camera.

When the HDR or High Dynamic Range is turned on iPhone takes a detailed and heavier version of a photo with improved exposure and increased contrast and improved quality over basic image.

ways to free space on iphonebut if your “keep normal photo” is on with HDR, iPhone will not only take an HDR photo but also will save the same copy of a photo without HDR. an HDR photo is usually 25-30 percent heavier than the normal photo. so one photo in HDR and one in Normal is saved hence taking space of two.

by disabling “keep normal photos” when HDR is on your iPhone will save only the HDR photo in the gallery hence automatically saving up space on the iPhone.

you can enable/disable this feature by going through these following steps:

  1. go to SETTINGS
  2. click on the CAMERA app
  3. on the bottom of the list, there will be an option with a label “Keep Normal Photo” disable this option if it’s enabled by default.

this small practice can not only save you a large space but also can help you take more photos in HDR while being low on storage memory.

5. Delete Stock Apps

Every iPhone comes with some very useful pre-installed apps but some of them are not only useless but also takes up unnecessary space on your iPhone when you never use them at all. No one likes keeping useless apps on their iPhones and in past, Apple didn’t give the user the permission or authority to remove stock apps but with time Apple has changed its policies.

The truth is you cannot fully delete or uninstall an iPhone stock app but you can offload it and hide it from the menu screen. To save the space on iphone we often delete apps which we might need later. Apple this time, unlike the other companies, did something special with their stock apps. You can not only remove them but also save the data of the app which is removed for future installation.

The app which is deleted or we can say removed will be hidden from the menu screen and all the data will be saved but the storage will be returned back to phone’s primary storage hence saving you crucial Megabits of storage.

GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers, Pages apps are one of the fews iphone apps which not many people use very often and deleting or removing them will not affect the productivity hence these apps are safe to remove.

But here is the tricky part, there are some stock apps too which you cannot delete or simply hide like iMessage app, gallery app and many more.

6. Reset and Restore Your iPhone

When you have received a file over mail or by some app and you just downloaded it and forgot about it, Apple doesn’t have this feature yet where all the downloaded stuff can be saved in just one place rather having them all in individual apps.

Since we cannot check all or any files cache our iPhone has this method is proven to delete all the file cache and save at least 30 percent of your storge on an iPhone.

Before trying this method make sure you have backed up your data on iCloud and on your desktop just to be safe.

We must tell you here that you will not lose any file or data if it’s backed up in iCloud.

Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Open settings on your iPhone
  2. Click on general
  3. Go to reset
  4. Go to erase all content and settings
  5. A pop up will occur asking if you want to backup your data on iCloud. click on YES and let it back up all your data.
  6. After the backup is done it will ask for your iCloud password to confirm reset.

Now the phone will go in reset mode where it will delete all the contents from your iphone.

After that just follow the steps showing up in your iPhone and download the backup from the iCloud by simply clicking the option “restore from iCloud” and you are done. just wait for another 10 minutes or so depending upon your internet download speed it will download the exact state of your iphone where you left it off.

So, these were some Ways to Free Space on iPhone, did those worked for you? Let us know in the comments below

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