Top 5 Women Superheroes who can Defeat Thanos

Women superheroes who can defeat Thanos
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Who can defeat Thanos has been the biggest questions of Marvel Cinematic Universe from past 10 years. We tried to answer that in our previous post ‘Top 20 Marvel superheroes who can defeat Thanos‘. Here we are making a new list of Top Five women superheroes who can defeat Thanos.

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Women superheroes who can defeat Thanos

1) Jean Grey

Women superheroes who can defeat Thanos

Jean Grey even without her Pheonix force is an omega level mutant and certainly one of the most powerful with unparalleled abilities like Telepathy and Telekinesis.

She also posses cosmic abilities and time control. But on becoming the host of the Phoenix force her powers multiply beyond our imagination.

So, defeating Thanos wouldn’t be a difficult task for her.

2) Captain Marvel

Women superheroes who can defeat Thanos

Many Marvel fans have termed Captain Marvel as the most powerful avenger ever, but why so? She can fly like Thor, she can fight like the hulk, possess energy blasts like Vision and can heal like Deadpool.

This makes her all in one Avenger. Fighting with Thanos wouldn’t be easy for her but the set of powers she posses we are sure she will be able to do it.

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3) Squirrel Girl

Women superheroes who can defeat Thanos

This isn’t a much familiar name in Marvel comics but Squirrel girl is the only female superhero who has defeated Thanos.

Like Jean Grey, she is also among the most powerful mutants in Marvel. Not only, Thanos, but she has also defeated almost every big Villian of Marvel comics.

Having powers like Telepathy, telekinesis, energy manipulation and matter manipulation she is all capable of beating Thanos again and again.

4) Rogue

Women superheroes who can defeat Thanos

It seems that only Mutants are capable of beating Thanos as here’s another Powerful mutant Rogue who is as capable of beating Thanos as any other name in this list.

Her most unique power is that she is capable of absorbing powers from other beings by holding them. So, she can gain all the powers of Thanos if somehow she manages to grab his hands.

5) Scarlet Witch

Women superheroes who can defeat Thanos

We already saw the glimpse of her powers in the Avengers: Infinity War when she nearly stopped Thanos from taking the last infinity stone from Vision. But in the comics, she is even more powerful and more destructive.

Scarlet Witch gets her magic from the most powerful magical sources in the universe called chaos magic. Using these powers she once wiped out the whole mutant race from existence. So, defeating Thanos seems quite possible for her.

So, guys, this was the list of Top 5 Female Superheroes who can defeat Thanos. I hope you guys liked our post. Also, let us know if we missed anyone who is powerful enough to Kill Thanos? We will surely try to add him/her in the next update.

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