This One Direction Star has World most Handsome eyes

world's most handsome eyes

We all know Harry Styles, whose Dimples has forced thousands of people to undergo facial surgeries to get dimples like him and he is also known as one of the most handsome men alive on earth. Now according to a new study report published by U.K’s Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, this famous One Direction singer has the world most handsome eyes and chin.

The world most handsome eyes

world most handsome eyes

This result was declared by the center using ‘Golden Ratio’ a form of Mathematical measurement used to analyze the symmetry of man’ face.

According to a the distance between the eyes, divided by the length of the eye should be equal 1.618 and the Styles’ peepers are 98.15% of that perfect ratio while his chin was 99.7% of the ratio. So, Harry styles has been declared as the world’s most handsome eyes because of his perfectly proportionated eyeballs.



world most handsome eyes


The study also found actor George Clooney as the most perfect overall where Harry was ranked at 4th place. His mate and former one direction singer ‘Zayn Malik’ was listed at 9th place.

So, guys, that’s it for now, share your thoughts on this world’s most handsome eyes in the comment section below.

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