Youtube Latest Apk may have Incognito, Dark Mode and More


Google’s Youtube is the best app on the internet nowadays with over 1 Billion Downloads, and with each update, Google is making Youtube look better than before, first, they changed the Font, then Logo, and now there are rumors that the Youtube Latest Apk may contain some New Features, check out below.

Apk Teardown done by 9to5google reveals that Google is working on Dark mode for Youtube as seen in the desktop version, that will be a welcome feature for mobile users.

Another feature that was seen in Youtube Latest Apk (V13.01) was the incognito mode, and we have pause-watch the videos and check out history in the “History and Privacy” setting, but soon that will change, in the teardown, the apk contained Incognito Mode function and the icon. Though this feature was previously rumored, its good to see Google working on this.

Youtube Latest ApkThe next is swipe to skip ads, this feature is just an easy way to skip an ad after 5 seconds, instead of tapping, you can swipe the AD away after 5 seconds.

So, these were some of the additions in Youtube Latest Apk v13.01, though these codes are available in the app, we have to see that these features add up in the App or Google just deletes the code. We have to wait and watch.

Till then, let us know which is the feature you want in Youtube’s next update?

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